Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello =)

First, Happy new year to all my fellow bloggers :)
I know, it's been forever and I have not been very loyal to my blog :(  i have been suuuper busy! I have not used a computer in a looong time. I do everything of my ipod lately, just because it's more convenient. Wish they had an app for blogger! They don't, right?!?! :D
Anyway, thought I'd share some pics of the stuff I've been buying lately.
Here it goes :)
Starting off with my favorite, awesome, super, hot new pants I bought at H&M on Black Friday. Can you believe I got these for $10.00?? OMG, I LOOOVE them :D What do you think?

This top is by Max Azra, they had a 75% off sale on all items =D

Cute sweater dress I bought at H&M during their sale, $12.00. I didn't like it on the hanger, but I think it looks good on me
the bow is awesome :)

Max Azra dress with studded shoulders

bought this dress at F21 for my company's christmas party. We went to an upscale 4 Star restaurant in Bellevue (where Bill Gates lives :D)

couple of cardigans I bought at one of my favorite stores H&M.

this shirt was marked down from 50 to 10!! WOW :)

love it!!

That's it for now :) I will cuddle up on the couch with my Diego and watch a movie, try to enjoy my weekend. My husband won't be back for another couple weeks :( He's in Georgia.
Hope you had a great start into the New Year!
Thanks for reading!!
xoxo, Photobucket


Diana said...

super cute Cardigans :D

Lorena said...

arlaaa it's good to see you are back :)
I see that you have been busy but have had time to go shopping.
I have to say I am totally loving your cardigans!!!!

~Hurricane B~ said...

We miss you!!! Love that dress with the bow. COME BACK.=)

Londyn said...

So pretty! Love all the dresses and wish you were still posting.. :(