Monday, May 31, 2010

Shake what your Mama gave ya...

In my case, some shopping bags, because my lovely mom took us shopping today. Monday is her day off and we decided to have a girls day. Remember, my dad went to Italy to take care of some business, my brother was in school, so it was just Mom, my sis, the baby and I. It was fun, we took our time =) I didn't buy "much" tho. I'm going back to the states soon, and I know I'll do major damage there =D
Funny thing is, I didn't find ANYTHING at Tally Weijl....hmm...probably because I already own everything they sell lol. But H&M did not dissapoint.

How cute is this top I got at H&M? 15 bucks only! Love it. Bought the necklace I'm wearing at New Yorkers. I love bows!!
Studs I bought at H&M, I don't really like wearing big earings, I own lots of cute studs tho =)

Then I saw this Hello Kitty Nailpolish at H&M, I absolutely LOVE the color, pretty turquoise, a color that was missing in my collection. Comes in pink also. They had lots of Hello Kitty Make UP Palettes also!

Continuing with turquoise and bows. Bought this gorgeous turquoise ring at H&M! The bow ring is from Pimkie

I can't seem to go to the Mall and NOT buy shoes LOL. I bought some flats, I really needed some open flats for the summer. I didnt find the perfect gladiators for me yet =( I'll have to buy them in the states I guess =)
But found those blue ones for sale at Jumex.

Jumex is awsome, because they give u this cute little cotton shopping bag hehe

Last but not least my mom bought me this dress. It was on sale...but when I went to pay for it, it was even cheaper. I paid less than 10USD for this ha! Bought it at C&A

I'm really tired now and I'm also frustrated dealing with italian bureaucracy. OMG it's the worst let me tell you. I need them to fix something on my passport and do they answer their phone?! of course not! Opening hours 9-12am...I call at 9, the phone rings and rings, at 10 same thing, at 11 I'm on hold till 12 and then they close. I HATE it! I CANNOT WAIT, till I have dual citizenship lol. They didnt even change my last name on my italian passport yet and I've been married for almost 3 years! Ha, thats how it works in italy...I have to be careful to book tickets with my maiden name and then I get to the states and my names dont match. Its driving me insane. Luckily they never gave me problems, but I always carry my marriage certificate with me when i travel on my GC. I HATE italian bureaucracy!
Gosh I'm tired, working the whole week, including SAT & SUN =(
A bientôt,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Germany wins second Eurovision title!

Whoohoo...I knew she would win! Her song is totally cute. Germany totally deserved winning it, last title for Germany was 1982.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among members of European Broadcasting union. Each member country submits a song to be performed on live television and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. You cannot vote for your own country.
I watched it till past midnight last night, and after seeing all the performances, I KNEW Germany would win...I thought all the other songs were BOOOORING. The only one I liked except Lena was Belgium.
I loved the song since I first heard it, it was number 1 in Germany for couple of weeks.
Here it is:

Friday, May 28, 2010

OOTD and great news!

I'm starting with the good news today. I bought my ticket back to Seattle. I will be back in Seattle July 2nd. I'm excited and I gotta say that the book I read about fear of flying really helped me alot! It's still a 10 hour flight tho, but I absolutely trust Lufthansa, wouldnt wanna fly with any other company. Also I know, if you want good quality german is the way to go =) I mean, just look at the cars?! I'm actually looking forward to this flight, thats a BIG deal =D Also, we have a house in Steilacoom, WA right by the water!!!! We're not gonna buy, we're renting, because being army you never know where they are gonna send you next. If it was up to me, I would never wanna leave Washington State at all! I LOVE it up there. My husband not so much, he grew up in Shittsburg uhm I mean Pittsburgh lol. He says Pittsburgh is better than Seattle, but he is the only one who says that =D Sorry babe....
This is Steilacoom, WA. A little, cute town right by the water. It's so cute when you drive through this town, just like in the movies, picture perfect!

Sigh, I could get used to that sunset EVERY DAY!

Ok, but back to fashion, this is my OOTD:

Skirt - New Yorker
Shirt - Burlington Coat Factory
Belt - Papaya
Peeptoe - Jumex
Necklace - Disney via Tally Weijl

I love these purple, satin peeptoes. So comfy! Danced in them all night once haha, plus I get lots of compliments on the color!
Talking about shoes, now that I get back to the states I thought about trying Shoedazzle. Has anyone tried that yet?! Would love to read some reviews.
My dad is going to Italy tomorrow, I have to drive him, so I gotta get up at 5am :( booh! Now, if it was my mom, I would tell her to buy me some shoes there, but my dad....yea not really. He would probably come home with some crazy ugly shoes haha.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today was such a crappy day! It was raining ALL day. The kids at school were out of control. They didn't calm down at all, I don't know what the heck was wrong with them. My colleagues said the same thing about their classes, so I guess it was the weather or something. Hope tomorrow will be better or I will have to give them some extra work lol Well, this is my OOTD. Again, another dress from my job in the states, remember, black is professional?!? =D I wore different shoes to work today tho, no heels with 2nd graders hehe

Dress & Belt - Papaya
Peeptoes - Jumex
Bow Ring - Tally Weijl
Necklace - Swarovski

This is my current nailpolish. Wet n Wild mega last nail polish in RED TAPE

 Well, I hope I can sleep better tonight. My sore throat is gone but I got a dry caugh and I kept caughing all night last night. So annoying =(
Buenas noches everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How I met your mother

Who watches the show? Well here is a video of last nights How I met your mother, talking about my  husbands BN in iraq!! How awsome is this?! Finally some good news on the work that is being done by our guys down there!! Not much longer....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Award and OOTD

I'm still sick :( my throat is killing me. Isn't a sore throat the most annoying thing in the world? Especially when it's hot outside, it just feels wrong!
But yay, I got another blog award from lovely Leah. This is actually the second blog award I got from her! I love her blog, you should go check it out. Such a beauty and she is pretty good with make up too!!

Anyway, I'm really thankful to all of you for reading my blog! It's great getting to know all of you.
The rules to accept this award:
  • Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers
  • post about the award and mention the person who gave it to you.
  • let ppl know you nominated them
So, here are my 10 nominees(Click on their names to get to their blog), in no particular order, I just love and read their blogs:


Life of a Bunny

Slumber Designs








Wow, that was tough =D I love reading so many sweet blogs. And I would totally nominate Leah again =D
Anyway, if I forgot leaving you a comment that I awarded you, forgive me, I'm a little sick and I don't know where my head is.

Here is my OOTD that I'm wearing today, I totally love wearing skirts or dresses, especially in the summer time.

Top - Tally Weijl
Skirt - Tally Weijl
Necklace - Tally Weijl
Shoes - Graceland

Thought I'd share Giulianas OOTD as well, since my niece looked so cute today, clothes we got at H&M for her. I don't remember if the H&M in the states has baby clothes?!? They do have really small sizes here, for newborn, perfect for little Giuliana. My sis bought her the cutest outfit at H&M, it's a red dress that looks like a baby sailor. So cute. We'll dress her up for her 2 months pics in 2 weeks.

Well, I'm off drinking tea now =D And again, thanks to everybody reading and commenting my blog!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

I see stripes OOTD

This morning I woke up with a terribbly sore throat =( I feel a cold coming my way! That totally sucks, because today was the warmest day so far, it feels like summer is here. I hope it stays and I hope the sore throat will go away. But I think I'm coming down with something, I do feel tired and don't wanna eat anything. I drank some tea and plenty of water tho, hoping it won't get as bad, because I def need my voice when dealing with 2nd graders =)

Click to enlarge pics
Dress by H&M
Belt by H&M
Shoes by Jumex
Bow Ring - Tally Weijl
Necklace - Tally Weijl
and my excercise equipment that I have not used in like 2 weeks oops hehe

I'm not doing a close ups of the shoes because I already introduced them here.
Went for a long walk today with my sister, the baby and the dogs. Then we had some italian ice cream, yumm.
So now I'm just being lazy, I feel tired. I'm just gonna watch TV, I think Sex & the City the movie is on tonight. Can't wait for part 2 hehe. But what I really CANNOT wait for is Shrek 4.
Hope you guys had a nice weekend,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forgive me, for I have sinned...

...but I CANNOT resist H&M or Tally Weijl. Well, most of the stuff I bought was on sale, and I came up with a pretty good idea how to get all the stuff back to WA, because I will never ever fit everything I bought over the last year plus the stuff I brought from the states into 2 suitcases each 50lbs. No way, so I'm gonna start mailing some clothes and shoes back home to WA. I'm gonna send it via APO, so it will be cheap. I'm a genius =D hehe...or I'll just leave my husbands clothes here LOL
Well, my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go to the Mall today, so my sister, the babygirl and I joined them. It was fun actually, not so crowded because its a german holiday (4day) and it's a tradition to go camping.
Here my awsome finds:
Remember, my sister bought these yesterday, I couldnt resist buying them when I tried them on. So cool and comfy, eventho it has a 5 inch heel! Isn't the heel something?!

Bought them in a german shoe store for 20 Euros! Great buy I think. They're a size 6

I need some basic, neutral shirts to, because I have so many skirts and no shirts, I found this cute, white shirt at tally weijl. Love the studs on the shoulder, yay another MJ type of shirt lol It was on sale and I paid 6 Euros hehe. Size XS

Another reason why I love Tally Weijl, they have so many cute dresses!! I'm gonna miss Tally Weijl when I get back to the states =( Bought this cute summer dress at Tally's, size XS.

Soft blue pinstripes.

Bought another cute bikini at H&M, they had so many this time, I was overwhelmed lol. But I wanted something more colorful. So I got this cute pink & blue striped 2 piece bikini. Top is a size 36 and bottoms size 34. I love H&M swimwear, because you can mix and match! This will look good with my tanned skin on the cruise haha =D

Tally Weijl has the cutest jewelry. I love cute & funny necklaces. When I saw this, I had to get it, it's totally ME! Not because I'm conceited, but because I like to make fun of it! I've heard so many times, from my mom, that some people that don't know me think I'm conceited or cocky. She gets to hear it all the time, not very nice ;( They never even talked to me! I don't know why, maybe it's the way I dress, dress to impress I guess. People that know me, know that I'm not conceited at all. But for all the people that judge me before they get to know me..I'll make fun of it =P

That's it from me! How did you spend your weekend?
Closing this with Giuliana Luna laughing her butt off =D what a cutie pie!

xoxo, Photobucket

Friday, May 21, 2010

Is summer here to stay? OOTD

Weather is awsome today! I hope it stays like that.
Here is a quick OOTD

Dress + Belt by Tally Weijl
Shoes by American Eagle

Those are my fav open shoes. I love them, so comfy and cute!

Talking about shoes. Went window shopping with my sister, well not really. She needes something for the babies room and as an excuse we stopped at a near german shoe store. She found really cute shoes. I love them, especially the heel, they're so comfy.

My bro and his gf wanna go to the Mall tomorrow, so I might go with them and get the same shoes =D The store in town didnt have my size, well they did, but my sis got the last pair =D
I can't say no to going to the Mall!
Have a great weekened,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Starting the countdown OOTD

I'm at that point were I can finally count the days for my husband to get back home =)I won't post excact days of course, because that wouldn't be to smart, but it's less than 2 months =) Funny thing is, my OOTD is the same outfit I wore the day my husband deployed =D except the shoes that is. How funny.

Dress by Papaya
Peeptoes by Guess

I bought this dress about 1 year ago and it fit like a glove. It's a size 0, but now it's actually a little tight, and I have a harder time closing the back zipper lol. I know I gained a little weight since I moved back to Germany, but food is just too good back home, plus I don't go to the gym every 2 days. Well, I'll be back in shape once I'm back in WA hehe.
I don't really care about my weight, I just don't like being a couch potato.
Plus, I need to look good in a bikini, because 4 weeks after my husband gets home we will go on a cruise! A caribbean cruise that is. Starting at Miami we will get to see Virgin Island, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Caicos Island. I'm especially psyched about Puerto Rico. My husband is puertorican and I might get to meet some of his family that still lives there. I can't wait, eventho that means take another flight from Seattle to Miami...argh.
I'm also excited because after that, there is another military ball coming up. I love balls, especially because of the gown you get to wear. This will be my 3rd military ball. The first one was ok, we just got to WA and didn't know anybody, let alone have time for gown shopping.
Last ball was alot better, I had such a beautiful gown. My favorite color, blue and lace up back.

Not sure what color I'll pick this time. My first was red, last year was pretty sapphire blue. I was thinking about either cream/gold colored, maybe purple. Maybe different gown type. I have such a hard time, because I'm only 5'2", so not all the dresses look good on me. Oh well, I'll see when I get to the states.
Past midnight again, I really should go to bed, I'm just so excited about those upcoming events =)
Nite nite,