Friday, May 14, 2010

Plane crash in Lybia

Something that has been on my mind for the last couple day is that horrible plane crash in lybia on wednesday. Not just because I'm totally terrified of flying but because EVERY passenger died EXCEPT one little boy! What a tragedy, because that little boy now lost his parents and brother. What a miracle, that he survived! I had to cry when I heard it on the news. It's so heartbreaking =( That boy is in good condition, "only" broke his legs. It's truly a miracle how a little boy can survive a plane crash when everybody else on board dies. I read that he is not aware of what happened yet and he doesn't know that he is the sole miracle survivor of the crash =( How sad, but God must have big plans for this young man. He's in my prayers and I also pray for the victims and their families!
I hope they will determine the cause of this crash soon.


Angie said...

oh no :( that is awful ... i feel for everyone's families and that little boy! hopefully he will grow big and strong and become a superhero or something. so brave

Taylor said...

I was torn to pieces when I read about this. That little boy - it's such a mixed bag. He survived but his family all died? Terrible and a miracle all at the same time.