Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping in Europe

Hey everybody,

I am finally back in Germany visiting my family for Christmas. I have not been home in a year and a half! I missed it sooo much. My family, my niece (20 months old now), my dog, the food, shopping :-)
Unfortunately, time is almost up. We will be leaving on the 2nd :-( Husband and I both have to be back at work! noooooooo I wanna stay here :(
Anyway, I went a little crazy with my shopping here :) I've missed all the stores so much!
Here are some of my purchases:

 I was especially happy about the Primark near to my hometown. I've heard or read a lot about Primark on blogger and I couldn't wait to shop there! It was soooo crowded, but so good :) Also my usual stop at Tally Weijl :)

 Nice :)

 These Booties ended up being 8 Euros (approx 10USD)
no name

Wedge boots 
Primark 18 Euros (23 USD)

Cream Purse
Primark 5 Euros ( 6.50USD)

White Purse
Tally Weijl 9 Euros ( 12 USD)

Magnetic nail polish
I've seen this type at Sephoras but I didn't want to spend all that money. 
This one is a nice dupe by Essence. I paid 1.65 Euros per color. The magnet was about 1 euro

Miracle Shine and Hex Hex

Hey it works!! It took me forever and I had to restart a bunch of times to get a good result. You have to be really quick with the magnet. I did one nail at a time.

Lace shirt
Primark: 15 Euros

back view. sooo nice

Primark 13 Euros

Primark 9 Dollars after Sale
The color is a bit darker than on photo. Looks kinda blah on the hanger but it is really nice when put on!

Cream colored scarf 
Primark 4 Euros

brown fake leather sneakers
Primark 7 Euros

Primark 2-3 Euros each

Nail polish
Blue my mind by H&M!! (3Euros)
OMG this color is DIVINE!!!
I've never seen nail polish at the H&Ms in WA. Is it just me or do they not sell nail polish there??
The German H&Ms are full with cosmetics

 I have bought some more nail polish and some pants, but I will take a picture once I actually wear them.
I am about to do my nails right this minute :)
Nite Ladies,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

PHD-Polish Hording Disorder...

This weekend at the mall, browsing for new nail polish colors at Sephora, my husband asked me if I didn't have enough nail polish already :-D NOOOOO I don't! What a freak....tzz, can't believe he would ask me such a question. That is like asking if I have enough shoes or clothes. I guess Men will never understand :)
Long story short, here are the newest additions to my nail polish collections :)

Revlon Blue Mosaic
 3 coats

OPI-Iris I was thinner
 2 coats (this is my new favorite) so pretty!

Recently, I ordered a dress off ebay. I thought it was cute and a great dress for new years. It was only 8 Dollars with shipping, so I thought, hmm why not!
I gotta admit, it is a little short. But I'm thinking with black tights should be doable. What do you think?

Well Ladies, off to bed I go. Tomorrow is friday!! Finally!
Nite nite:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Glitter and Sequin

yes, who doesn't love glitter and sequin? During my lunch I sometimes venture out of the office just to get some fresh air or bargains LOL. Geez I am close to the Supermall, Ikea, TJ Maxx, Target...
Last week I went to Target for some polish and I've seen the cutest sequin bag. I didn't buy it, for whatever reason. Well Sunday I thought I just go to the Target near my house, turns out that purse sold out in that color :( I went on the Target website and there was only one store that carried that purse in that particular color: The target by my office. Limited quantities, that's what it said. So during lunch today I drove to Target and they had one left!!!!!!!! :D I snagged it as fast as I could. Gold sequin satchel for $24.99?? Hells yeah. Monday can't start any better :) Check out this beauty. Not bad for that price, No?
 lovely passenger :)

Furthermore I bought some nail polish. I was looking for the Revlon ones FOREVER. They're sold out everywhere. From left to right:
OPI Crown me already
Revlon Blue Mosaic
Revlon Facet of Fuchsia 
 Of course I had to try the OPI Crown me already ASAP. I was dying to get my hands on it. sooo pretty and glittery. It's not like any other glitter top coat. This is really dense. This is 3 coats of OPI Crown me already and on my ringfinger 2 coats of Revlon Facet of Fuchsia.
 So pretty, I can't stop looking at my nails :)
Time for bed. Well not really. It's only 9 pm in Seattle, but since I get up at 5:30 every morning, 9pm is not too bad :-D 
Nite Nite, 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Centerpiece DIY

I love my Pinterest App :) Do you? I'm on there ALL the time and I finally MADE something from Pinterest :) I made these beautiful Christmas Centerpieces. And it was super easy!!

What you need:
Empty bottles, spray paint, adhesive spray, epsom salt

Here are the instructions:
1) Drink vine and save the bottles :) This works with Lemonade bottles as well ;)
2) Wash the bottles and remove the labels. The best way to remove the labels is to soak the bottles in warm water. Let the bottles dry completely.
4) Cover your workspace with newspaper and spray paint the bottles. It's best to start with a thin coat of paint, let dry and then do a second coat. Let the bottles dry.
5) Spray with adhesive spray.
6) Roll the bottles in epsom salt. I just put some salt on newspaper and rolled the bottles. And voila you're done. You can use whatever you want to decorate them. The possibilities are endless.
What do you think? I think they're awesome :)

Have you decorated your tree yet? We did ours on Friday. Purple, Turquoise and Silver. It took me almost 2 hours. Turns out I bought ALOT of ornaments :D
Happy Sunday everyone!

♥ Carla