Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally open toe shoe weather :)

Wow, how gorgeous has this weekend in Seattle been? I finally wore summer clothes!! I know it won't last long, but enjoy while we still can :)
Here is my OOTD ( I changed into shorts later)

Top: Nordstrom (love this top!!)
Jeggings: Primark
Sandals: Steve Madden

this has to be one of my favorite summer tops :) 

bought these yesterday at Marshall's They're Steve Madden
Target sells similar ones in Kid's sizes if you fit in Kids sizes. I DO LOL
Target's sell for 19.95 and I went for the Steve Madden ones because 
a) one of my favorite brands
b) they were on sale for 22.00! Score


I happened to walk into Claire's and they had two bottles of the hyped Candy shop.
I snatched one and it's really pretty.
2 coats

This is another Lippmann dupe. I'm ok with dupes, because I don't really want to spend $20.00 on a bottle of polish....My husband would think I lost my mind LOL

This one sells for $5.00 at Claire's and it's really pretty!!!!!
I'm usually not into pinks but this one is really cute!  It glitters in all colors :)

haha. I find this photo extra funny, because my dog Diego a Beagle somehow love Poodles LOL
His best bud at daycare is a Poodle also....haha

Closing this post with an awesome picture of my niece Giulana walking in her moms heels :-D
and she can TOTALLY walk in them, I am not kidding haha
love her!

Nite nite

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Mani's

I've meant to blog about these all weekend, but every time I sat down to blog (mostly end of the day) I am so tired that I fall asleep LOL. I was so tired last night, that I forgot if I had blogged or not lol I must have uploaded the photos and labeled them and then fallen sleep! I can't even remember...crazy me.
So today, you will get two posts ;-)
I have blogged about my whimsies that I had ordered from Pam. Well here are some swatches. Starting with my absolute favorite! SEUSS!

I believe in Faries over P2 Poetic

Diego approves

These are my very first indie polishes that I bought and they got me addicted :-) Pam's polishes are really great! Very tense and the quality is superb! I want to place a second order, but I just can't make up my mind. If you like what you see, she is still taking orders via Facebook on Whimsical Ideas by Pam


Monday, April 16, 2012

Whimsical ideas by Pam....I'm in love! ♥

I'm on a indie nail polish trip. After ordering and falling in love with Cult Nails, I've placed an order with Pam @ Whimsical Ideas by Pam. I follow a lot of nail blogs on FB and I saw one of here polishes and i HAD TO HAVE IT!
I received my "whimsies" in the mail today. I have been tracking them all last week and I couldn't wait to come home :-) I gosh...I'm obsessed.

How adorable are the bottles?? These have to be the cutest nail polish bottles EVER.
They're perfect. The bow is cute and the label is unique as well :)

This is "Seuss". This was the first polish I spotted on somebody's blog and I had to have it.

drool! :) Look at this goodness. I CANNOT wait to try it.

"I believe in Fairies"

a nice glittery purple with stars :)

I have not swatched them yet, I just did my nails last night and I didn't want to "waste" my cult nail mani haha. But maybe tomorrow! I am without tv until wednesday, so that gives me a lot of time to do some damage ;-) Why am I without TV, well I cancelled Directv. Their prices are ridiculously expensive and since I really don't watch a lot of tv (besides sunday; Desperate housewives, the Good Wife, The Big C and Drop Dead Diva) it makes absolutely no sense to pay that much. Luckily with my husbands orders we were able to get out of the contract w/o paying any fees. We'll switch back to comcast. I liked them better anyway ;-)
BUT if you like what you're seeing Pam is still taking orders. Just add her on FB Whimsical Ideas by Pam
She takes orders by email. I will be ordering PB&J, Kismet's Pajamas and maybe all of them soon LOL

Well, I hope you all had a somewhat good Monday and will have an even better week.


Gotta love H&M

Hey lovelies,

finally a clothing post :) The reason why I have not bought any new clothes lately is simple:
a) I hate the weather change between spring and summer....I never know what to wear. Seattle spring sucks mostly ( so did the spring in Germany) Therefore, I do not feel like buying summer clothes!
b) I need to go through my closet and donate a few things :-D No more room.
But, I have the H&M app and I check out their clothes every once in a while. I always love their conscious collection. I have bought two shirts. They were both about $12.00 each.

How lovely is this big bow?

 I also went to F21, but I cannot stand shopping there! It's overwhelming!!! The mall here claims to have toe biggest Forever 21 in WA. No shhhhh!! It's huge. I can't deal with it!! I can do accessories...that's about it LOL

My adorable Diego! He is such a spoiled little stinker. He NORMALLY sleeps in his bed, but since my husband is gone he has been sleeping in bed with me LOL I know he probably shouldn't, but I just feel safer like that. Also, he has no problems sleeping in his bed when asked, so I guess it's ok =)

Stay tuned for my whimsical nail post ;-)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cult Nails.

Sunday, blah!
This weekend went by wayyy to fast. I feel like I need a vacation, work has been super busy for me. Somehow I always end up doing other peoples job or fix their screw up...oh well.
Needless to say, I miss the German work ethics. EVERYTHING is done according to the RULES. I feel like at a lot of places here, people can just do whatever they want and rules don't apply to every one. Frustrating....But enough complaining. My weekend was okay. Mu husband has been in Afghanistan for almost 1 month and last week they already lost a soldier....crazy. I am even more worried now.... Thankfully I have some deployment buddies :)
On Friday I got some nail mail. I placed my very first order from Cult Nails. She had 2 $5.00 sale, so I bought to of her polishes. If you have not heard about her, you MUST check out her website. . She is great.
All of her polishes are HAND ROLLED into a special burrito :)
Like this:

and here is what was inside those little burritos: Captivated & Manipulative

First I swatched Manipulative, which is blue-ish, minty green. Absolutely lovely! Mint is one of my favorite nail colors!

Captivated is a jelly, glittery, reddish orange :-D It is more orange than in the pictures. I literally just painted my nails and it was too dark to take pics without flash.

But let me tell you, this color is STUNNING!!!

You likey? I have some more indie nail polish coming (Whimsical ideas by pam) I cannot wait to get my hands on these franken babies =D

Hope you had a great weekend.
Nite, nite

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Finally wearing an outfit that deserves an outfit of the day :)


 Cute dress I bought at Primark when I was in Germany! They had it in hot pink too, but I'm a sucker for blue.

My nails are cute too today :-) 
I ordered dotting tools and when they finally came in I tried some things!
This is my first attempt! 

Diego got a nail trim too :-D 


Love for Lacquer

Jessica @ Love for Lacquer is having a an awesome 5000 followers give away!
There will be 10 winners - 5 polishes each!! Wowzer :-)
Click to enter, and make sure to follow her blog =)
Love For Lacquer 5000 followers give away

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Saturday

Hello fellow bloggers!
What a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle. About time if you ask me. I did a lot of running around today. I had to get a new military ID this morning and boy I'm super proud of my photo LOL I look really good on my ID hahahaha =D Great success. Can't wait to show my hubby. After that, I cleaned my car, went grocery shopping, took Diego on a looong walk, cleaned a little, cooked and watched the voice. Phew.
Gotta keep myself busy since my husband is gone. I have no problem during the week since I work full time, but weekends are a whole new story :) Also I have not been feeling great since about 3 weeks I think, when I think it gets better I wake up with an extremely sore throat. WTF.
Enough talk. I bought shoes today!!!!!!!!!! Yay! They were on sale at payless. They are Christian Siriano (I also got a 10% military discount, who knew they did that??)

turquoise & blue

I can't wait for it to be warmer.

I also finally gave in and bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 :) Sephora had sent me a 15% off anything, plus I still had some left on my giftcard. I ended up paying $30.00


Yay for  haircut! About time. August was the last time I cut it! Letting it grow. I like it

I bought a Papasan Chair. I love it, it's really comfy. D loves it too :)

I did this mani last week.
Elf- Mint Cream
WnW- Party of Five Glitters

This is my current mani for Easter.
Julep- Alicia & Oscar

I love this color!!

How was everybody's saturday?

Happy Easter! 

PS. Yea I just noticed I forgot to add my watermark to the pics. Oh well =D