Monday, July 26, 2010


This is just a short post for all my sweet followers who are wondering where I'm at. I'm posting from my phone because we have no Internet yet. We will move into our house in the next days yay. I HATE living out of a suitcase!! So I should be back blogging by next week! I bought some new stuff that I've wanted to show u guys as well. It's just impossible and hard from my phone hehe.
Hope u ladies have a great summer!
Be back soon,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Excuse moi!

Sorry, I know I have been neglecting this blog. But the Internet at this Hotel totally sux!! It takes me forever to open up a page. Thats why I'm not leaving so many comments at the time. I'm stuck here for 2 more weeks and then we'll finally be moving to Steilacoom! They don't even have a big mirror where I can be taking pics =) Plus, my husband is back at work, he needs to get a new license and until then I'm driving him around. Just yesterday he made me get up at 5am to be at the Verizon store by 6, because he HAD to get the new Droid!
Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a good time at the Melting Pot. It was yummmyyy!! It was the first time for my husband and I, but def not the last time =)
This is what I was wearing on my bday:
Top by Papaya
Skirt by Marshalls
Peeptoes by Jumex

This is the yummy cheese fondue we had =) It was soooo good.

Then we had the signature entre and something else, I dont remember the name, in a coq au vin sauce =) yuuuummmmmmyyyy!!

Too bad I was to full for chocolate fondue ;( But I know how to make the best chocolate fondue, so it's ok =)

You wanna see what my husband got me for my birthday?
Docle & Gabbana Perfume, which I totally love and something from Swarovski =)
Remember how much I love bows?
I'm lucky to have such an awsome husband =)
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My life is whole again...and some pumps =D

After we all waited for about 5 hours in that army gym that was not air conditioned, our men finally got home at 11pm on Saturday=)
I was sooo excited, a camera was following them while they were landing and were getting out of the plane, and all the families waiting in the Gym could see it on a screen that was put up in the gym,. How cool is that? I felt like I did on my first date, butterflies in my stomach. It's so glad to have my husband back after a year.
I took some pictures, but I was to excited, to even concentrate on that. But I have a video of my husband getting of the plane haha =D It's just a few seconds long. My husband is the one on the right =)

This is all the guys at the gym, waiting to be released to see the families. After that, no more pictures, because I NEEEEEDED to get to my husband ASAP =D

What a great night =) Unfortunatly, he is back at work today :( We looked at our house yesterday and we both love it! It's right by the water. We're looking forward to moving in in about 2 weeks. YAY!
Tomorrow is my birthday, my husband just informed me that we will be having dinner at the Meltin Pot. I LOVE Fondue, but I have never been to the Meltin Pot! I cannot wait.
Another great thing, besides my husband coming home, I bought some BCBG pumps on Saturday =) Got them at Burlington Coat Factory. Normally, they hardly ever have shoes in my size on the clearance rack, but I got lucky, I found these 100 Dollar BCBGs in size 5.5. And when I turned them around to look at the price I was totally shocked!!!! =D
Check it out:

and now the price, how awsome is that?!?!

Ahh, I love shopping in the States =)
Now that I look at my post title, its not 100 % true. I'm still missing mt Diego for our little family to be complete again! Hoping to fly him out in September. I miss my Beagle =)
Have a GREAT week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Passing time Part 2

Well, how crazy is that, I landed in Seattle and the temperature was about 55 F and today it's 100 F. I LOVE it!! I finally hit the gym today and I feel great, I have a months and half before the cruise to get my body in shapa and tone it a little bit =D
I went to the Shopping Center today and found some cute things at Marshalls! Ohhh I missed Marshalls!! Don't you just love Marshalls?? Here is what I got, all at Marshalls!
I needed some cute flats, they are gold and where only 12 USD!

Shirt with sequin detailing on shoulder for 5 bucks and Shorts for 10 USD

This skirt was about 80% off! I paid 5 bucks for it!!! I got it in black and... and white striped
I think tomorrow I wil buy some new MakeUp that I couldnt find in Germany and some of you Ladies were blogging about it...e.l.f. for example...
Thanks for reading!

Blogger Award and Tag

First off, 2 more days and my hubby will be back =D I already picked out what to wear, I'm sooo ready!! =)
Thanks to Abby from Simple but Versatile for giving me a blog award!! Check out her blog, she's such a cutie!!

The rules are:

*Post the award on your blog
*Link the person who has given you the award

*Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered

*Let these 15 ppl know that you've given them an award

Ok, I do read so many blogs, and it's gonna be so hard to pick 15 blogs, I'll try.

And then thanks you Liz from This will be good, for tagging me =)
The person who tags you makes 8 questions up that they wish you to answer and once you have finished answering their questions, make 8 up of your own and pass it along to 8 more lovely bloggers.
Here are the questions that Liz picked:

1. What do you see happening in your life in the next year?
Probably having a baby, after being married for almost 3 years, I think we're ready. =)

2. How do you feel about marriage?
I was that kinda person who didn't wanna get married at all, or at least not in my 20s. But here I am, happily married. I got married after being with my husband for only 6 months LOL. Now we've been married for 3 years.

3. How do you feel about people who give great advice, but cant seem to take it and apply it to their life?
Sometimes it is darn hard to listen to your own good advice...Im guilty of that as
4. What is THE most important thing you want to accomplish before death?
I just want to be happy and make those people around me happy!
5. I forgive, but i don’t forget. Do you?
I have a hard time forgiving, but it really depends. I have a hard time giving second chances, because I feel people sometimes do not change! But yes, I do NOT forget. 

6. How much can you take from a person you love and cant stop loving?
Not much, because if they love me, they wouldnt hurt me that much, right?! You better not mess up, I'm strict with that =D
7. What would you buy if i gave you $1,
shoes =D Just kidding, we need a new bedroom!
8. What is HIS name?
Miguel ♥

I'll tag you guys later and pick some good questions!
Adios, Photobucket

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Passing Time...

It's so boring alone at a hotel! Hopefully my husband will be home by saturday! I caught a really bad cold due to the climate change, I was laying in bed from Sat to this morning, my throat was killing me! I felt like crap. Luckily, I do feel alot better today. The weather changed too here in WA, 80s yay! So after the soccer match this morning I decided to hit the city a bit, maybe I could find something to wear for my husbands homecoming. I wanna look EXTRA nice for him, we have been seperated for so long and I want him to feel like he has the best wife of all =D
Unfortunatly, I didnt find anything at the mall that I liked, I might wear one of my dresses hmmm....still 3 days to think about my outfit.
I had some yummy frozen yoghurt and my throat feels better.
Well I bought some things tho. I bought some bras, I needed new ones bad =D
No pic of my bras lol
BUT I bought a cute top at Papayas
Love the bow
And I bought these awsome shoes at Papayas! Normally I dont even look at the shoes in stores like F21, Papaya etc, because they dont have my size. I seen these shoes and they seemed small to me, so I checked, size 5.5 YAY!!!!!!! =D They fit and they are so comfy! Very stylish!! What do u think?

I might build an outfit around those shoes for homecoming =D We shall see.
I think Ill order some mexican food later at my fav mexican restaurant. I missed it =)
I'm very happy I already got my car back, so Im not stuck anywear. I missed my car soooo much =D And if I show you a picture, you will understand why. I love this car so much. It was standing at my friends house for the past year. One tire busted, dont know how that happend, so I have the spare tire on it. Everything else seems fine, we will have to take it to BMW when my hubby gets back to get it checked out. I think something is wrong with the window, not sure. I dont wanna mess with it =D
So thats what my husband calls "his other wife" what a dork. I was totally against buying that car, because its so expensive to buy AND maintain, but honestly I LOOOOVE it =D
I call it my magic carpet hehe =D

Well, hope you guys have a nice week!
xoxo, Photobucket

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm back in Seattle!!

So, I made it to Seattle! My flight was soooo long, but overall ok. But the books I read about fear of flying are BS =D I was freaking out during take off and especially landing, because it was really cloudy in Seattle.
I stayed at my friends house for the first night but I checked into a hotel on the airforce base last night, because I feel really depressed here. I miss my family terribly, I miss my dogs, my niece and my husband, who is not back from iraq yet, They pushed back his arrival date, yet again =( I miss him, I wanna cry and it sucks being alone! It looks like he will be back next weekend! Lets hope so.
I don't know what to do with myself, I cant move into our house yet, because it wont be ready for another couple weeks. I went to the Mall yesterday, just to pass time, but I wasnt in the mood to buy clothes or shoes! What the heck is wrong with me?! =D BUT they are opening an H&M at my local Mall!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!
Well I just wanted to inform all my readers that I made it here safely.
I will update my blog as soon as I feel like it again. But I dont think my mood will be better until my hubby gets home =( hmmm
Thanks for reading and happy 4th of July!!