Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My life is whole again...and some pumps =D

After we all waited for about 5 hours in that army gym that was not air conditioned, our men finally got home at 11pm on Saturday=)
I was sooo excited, a camera was following them while they were landing and were getting out of the plane, and all the families waiting in the Gym could see it on a screen that was put up in the gym,. How cool is that? I felt like I did on my first date, butterflies in my stomach. It's so glad to have my husband back after a year.
I took some pictures, but I was to excited, to even concentrate on that. But I have a video of my husband getting of the plane haha =D It's just a few seconds long. My husband is the one on the right =)

This is all the guys at the gym, waiting to be released to see the families. After that, no more pictures, because I NEEEEEDED to get to my husband ASAP =D

What a great night =) Unfortunatly, he is back at work today :( We looked at our house yesterday and we both love it! It's right by the water. We're looking forward to moving in in about 2 weeks. YAY!
Tomorrow is my birthday, my husband just informed me that we will be having dinner at the Meltin Pot. I LOVE Fondue, but I have never been to the Meltin Pot! I cannot wait.
Another great thing, besides my husband coming home, I bought some BCBG pumps on Saturday =) Got them at Burlington Coat Factory. Normally, they hardly ever have shoes in my size on the clearance rack, but I got lucky, I found these 100 Dollar BCBGs in size 5.5. And when I turned them around to look at the price I was totally shocked!!!! =D
Check it out:

and now the price, how awsome is that?!?!

Ahh, I love shopping in the States =)
Now that I look at my post title, its not 100 % true. I'm still missing mt Diego for our little family to be complete again! Hoping to fly him out in September. I miss my Beagle =)
Have a GREAT week!


Diana said...

What a deal!!!!!! Those pumps are gorgeous!!!!!

Lorena said...

Wow Carla it must be so difficult to be away for so long. But, its good to know he is back and that you are now together :)
Ohhh I have a little shoe envy

Taylor said...

So glad he's back! I am jealous of your Melting Pot trip - I LOVE the Melting Pot and the closest one is 2 hours away. And those shoes!! Wow - for only $14?!!

liz said...

OMG! yayyyy have an awesome time
with your hubby and HAPPY HAPPY

I hope all the best for you and
that you have a baby soon. hehe lol.

Give us pics of all your adventures and pretty outfits!


Liana said...

aw i'm so happy for you! that must be so hard to deal with....but glad he's back, and those shoes are awesome!

Angie said...

Congrats for your hubby coming home :D :D ! Those shoes are awesome at an even more awesome price. Yay!

Happy birthday, Carla :D

~Hurricane B~ said...

I have been dyyyying for some gold pumps. 14 bucks for those? Sweet deal, good ole state side shopping. I am very happy for you, that your main man is home. The house sounds lovely, glad to see a post from you, post pics of your place once you get settled.

brittneynikkole said...

EEEKK!!! I totally know how you feel! The second I saw mine standing there after they were released from formation post deployment I thought I was going to burst and spew excitement everywhere lol I think it’s only fair we get that perfect reuniting moment since we have to deal with the deployment suck.
Oh, and great find with the shoes. Lucky girl!

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

love your shoes, girl:D

Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Dear!! I hope today is a great day! So glad you got such a great present yesterday (your hubby!!)!

MsHark said...

the shoes are so pretty, what a great find!! and sooo happy your hubby is home!