Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Passing Time...

It's so boring alone at a hotel! Hopefully my husband will be home by saturday! I caught a really bad cold due to the climate change, I was laying in bed from Sat to this morning, my throat was killing me! I felt like crap. Luckily, I do feel alot better today. The weather changed too here in WA, 80s yay! So after the soccer match this morning I decided to hit the city a bit, maybe I could find something to wear for my husbands homecoming. I wanna look EXTRA nice for him, we have been seperated for so long and I want him to feel like he has the best wife of all =D
Unfortunatly, I didnt find anything at the mall that I liked, I might wear one of my dresses hmmm....still 3 days to think about my outfit.
I had some yummy frozen yoghurt and my throat feels better.
Well I bought some things tho. I bought some bras, I needed new ones bad =D
No pic of my bras lol
BUT I bought a cute top at Papayas
Love the bow
And I bought these awsome shoes at Papayas! Normally I dont even look at the shoes in stores like F21, Papaya etc, because they dont have my size. I seen these shoes and they seemed small to me, so I checked, size 5.5 YAY!!!!!!! =D They fit and they are so comfy! Very stylish!! What do u think?

I might build an outfit around those shoes for homecoming =D We shall see.
I think Ill order some mexican food later at my fav mexican restaurant. I missed it =)
I'm very happy I already got my car back, so Im not stuck anywear. I missed my car soooo much =D And if I show you a picture, you will understand why. I love this car so much. It was standing at my friends house for the past year. One tire busted, dont know how that happend, so I have the spare tire on it. Everything else seems fine, we will have to take it to BMW when my hubby gets back to get it checked out. I think something is wrong with the window, not sure. I dont wanna mess with it =D
So thats what my husband calls "his other wife" what a dork. I was totally against buying that car, because its so expensive to buy AND maintain, but honestly I LOOOOVE it =D
I call it my magic carpet hehe =D

Well, hope you guys have a nice week!
xoxo, Photobucket


Lorena said...

Hope you are all better now !
You will see how it all begins to fall into place and work out after your hubby is back !

Angie said...

awww why are you stuck in a hotel? you look super cute :) i'm sure your hubby will be so glad to see you lookin' fineee :)

Nur KissKat said...

Hope you feel better :)Anyway hot shoes



liz said...

Carla! you wear the most beautiful heels too bad they're so highhh!!!

omgash, if i was wearing those i would for sure fall and make a fool out of myself. Talk about embarassing!

How exciting to have your hubby back! You are amazingly strong to hold yourself together while he's gone. I bet you will be sooo happy and busy with so much catching up and things to do when he's back.

Dont forget about us though, blog about all of it!!!


brittneynikkole said...

Super cute tank! I love a shirt with a bow. Just about as girly as it gets

Taylor said...

Loving the shoes, loving the ride! Hello!