Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Haul Sweet Haul!

I have only 2 more days left in Germany, so I thought I GOTTA go to the Mall again to shop at my fav store Tally Weijl. I will just post what I got real quick because my room is a Sauna! Its so hot here in Germany! Everything I got was on sale btw.
Top I got at New Yorkers 50 % off

Jeans Shorts I got at Tally Weijl also 50 % off!

2 Sundresses I got at Tally Weijl, 75 % off!

Coral purse from H&M 50 % off!

Love the inside, Im a sucker for leopard print!

Last but not least these awsome shoes at Jumex!!! OMG I fell in love!! 25 % off

how awsome?? And they re purple!!

pretty wooden heel!

So this will be my last post before I leave for Seattle I think. I will be really busy tomorrow. Its my last day of work and I want to bake cupcakes for the kids! Also I wanna go to bank to get the rest of my money exchanged.
Well, I'm a LITTLE nervous about my flight. But it will be ok. I'll be in Seattle Friday 11am (PDT).
Nite nite,Photobucket

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogger award and MJ

Thanks to lovely Leah for giving me this cute cherry on top blog award! I mentioned Leah from The Royal Blush a couple on my blog, so if you still dont know her blog, go check it out.

Here are the rules to accept this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you - Thank you Leah ♥
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.

3. List three things which you love about yourself.

4. Post a picture you love.

5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

3 thinks I love about myself:

My hair, I love the texture and the colour! =D

My smartness =D, I don't mean to sound cocky but I would consider myself being smart! I proved it many times that I am and I love to educate myself on a daily basis! I just hate not knowing what's going on in this world =D and believe me, I've met many people who have no clue...

My legs, my husband likes em too =D

The picture I love has to be from our wedding =) The photographer did a darn good job!

The five people I tag are...hmm this is hard! I'd tag you all, but following the rules, I will pick:

Well, that's the blog award. I'm sure every Michael Jackson fan knows what day it is today. One year ago the KING OF POP died =(  I heard it on the news that day and I couldnt believe it, thought it was a stupid prank. And I gotta say I HATE those people who still won't let him rest in peace. C'mon he is dead, have a little decency! I'm referring to a comment I got earlier this morning on my german facebook. My status was : R.I.P. Michael Jackson....and so on... and a guy seriously commented and wrote : "I hope they have enough little boys in heaven!"  You gotta be kidding me, can you be a bigger asshole?
Enough said, I still love Michael Jackson!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almost weekend OOTD

I'm so happy we're down to single digits! 1 more week and I'll be back in Seattle, baby!! I gotta admit, I'm getting a little nervous about the flight....Oh well...It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay!
I'm really tired today, maybe its the weather. I walked Diego for 2 hours (because he is gettinh a little chubby here in Germany) I'll just do a quick OOTD and I'll post some more tomorrow. I still have a blog award I received by lovely Leah that I wanna forward to some other lovely ladies =)
Here is what I wore today:

Romber by a german store
Necklace - New Yorker
Shoes - Jumex

Well Ladies, I'm off to bed and I'm pretty sure my husband is gonna call me as soon as I lay down =) He sorta has a feeling for that. Can't believe he will be back home in less than 2 weeks.
Before I forget, another thing that I def wanted to mention, eventho it makes me really really sad is that it has been to years now. Our friend Capt. Greg D'Alessio died in iraq 2 years ago =( I'm still very sad and I still can't believe that he is gone. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and for all of us! Thank you so much Greg and I'll see you again in heaven
Buenas Noches, Photobucket

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney OOTD

This is what I wore today. It was really relaxed at work, the kids got their stuff done quickly and as a reward we watched a DVD, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 haha.
Awsome weather today and the atmosphere here in Germany is great before this soccer match in a couple of minutes. Let's see how this goes. I'm probably not gonna watch it, because I have to catch up on last episode of Drop Dead Diva. I loooove the show and I looove Fred! I was so happy when he returned =)
We're down to single digits! 9 more days till I'm back in WA. How crazy is that. I leave Friday 10 am and I get to Seattle Friday 11 am =D It's like I only lose 1 hour of the day. I'm trying to forget that it's a 10 hour flight. What else can I do?!
So here is my OOTD

Shirt - Disney
Short - Dont remember
Pumps - Jumex
Belt - H&M

Well, I'm gonna leave you with a song I currently can't get enough of =)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello again...

Remember me? I have not blogged in 7 =) I've been so busy. 10 more days untill I leave for Seattle. Excited and sad at the same time. So my days have been a little hectic, plus its the worldcup (eventho I have to say UNFORTUNATLY italy does suck this year =( )
So much going on here, had to get my passport stamped, remember I told you about that? I sent in my italian passport and postal tracking showed me they received it. They deposited my check and never send me my passport! =D I called and they NEVER answered lol. So one of our family friends had to go to the consulate anyway, so I gave him a power of attorney to pick up my passport. Once he got there and complained that they NEVER answer the phone they said...and Im not kidding "Well we cant answer every phone call" can you believe it? It took them 20 minutes to find my passport, it was not stamped yet and the self addressed envelope I sent them (which I paid 6 euros for) was in there trash can! Worst service ever at the italian consulate in Frankfurt. Im just happy I got my passport back.
I also lost my ipod while walking the dogs =( I'm so mad at myself. So I need to get a new one before I fly back.
Got my vision checked yesterday and my right eye improved! ha!
Got my German ID and hung out with friends. Thats all I have been doing besides work. I still work untill one day before I leave Germany.
Today I will get a new ipod, new glasses, buy some gifts for the girls in Seattle. whew...
I have no OOTD or anything similar. Just a couple of pics of the weekend.
Promise Ill post some OOTD soon!

That guy next to me is my little brother =)

At the Shisha Bar, I didnt smoke this time =D

Doro, one of my BFF's here in Germany!

Mary and I at my neighbors Bday Party

and thats where I lost my ipod =D

Have a great week, Photobucket

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Polka Dots OOTD

Today I went to the Optometrists (who is also a friend of the family) to get some new glasses for my mom. Actually her first pair of glasses. I fell in love with a pair of glasses. I need to wear glasses or contacts, because I'm blind as a bat =D I got my current pair a long time ago, they are pretty cool, black framed. But I think it's time for a new pair, also I def need to get my vision checked again (great excuse to get new glasses). I have an appointment on Monday to get my eyes checked and then I will order my new glasses!
Brazil just won their first match...whoohoo! I've been Brazil fan since 94 and I would looove watch them win the worldcup again. 6 stars for the seleção...that would be fenomenal =D
This is my OOTD:

Dress plus Belt by C&A
Shoes by American Eagle

Did I mention? 17 more days  till Im back in Seattle =)

até mais tarde,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap OOTD

The sky is still not blue over South Africa...not yet I hope ;)
Anyway, I feel like I have not been on here forever lol.
This weekend I finally went out again, spontanious. Met my friend while walking my dog, agreed to watch the US - UK match together at her house and ended up going to a new bar they opened here.
It's a hookah/shisha bar. Really cozy and cute. They didn't have regular chairs or barstools but cozy little couches...really low, with pillows to sit on. They have a little menu where u can chose between a couple of flavors for your water pipe, we picked Melon and had a couple of cocktails.
I actually don't smoke, I have never smoked a cigarette. But some shisha flavors taste really good =D I just taste it once or twice and I'm done for the night. In the end it's still smoke.
But, it was a fun fun night. It was great going out with my friends again. I have a little less than 3 weeks left here and I'm trying to spend a little more time with my close friends.
Well enought talking, its midnight here and I'm tired =)

Dress by Alley Kat
Pumps by Jumex
Leather Jacket by Blue Sand

Iyi geceler (that's good nite in turkish =D),

and before I lovely niece

Friday, June 11, 2010

OOTD and I bought my first romper!

This will be a short post, it's friggn hot in my room and the second worldcup match will be on in a bit =) I will secretly watch it with my sister and pretend WE DONT CARE who wins =D So people won't bother me with text messages or calls in case Italy should not make it that far LOL. If I would be in Italy now, this would be different, but since I'm in Germany (dont get me wrong, I LOOOOVE GERMANY) things are different hehe. So here is what I wore today. My hair is a mess WOW.
Dress dont somewhere
Shoes by Jumex
Belt by H&M

My mom got some coupons in the mail for a German store, I got this romper 50 % off =D I always wanted one, but I never found one. This one is pretty cute and a steal. I had to get it. My sis got a similar one.
(Excuse my dogs nose on the pic, he was digging holes on the backyard haha)

little update on my return date: 21 days until I'm back in Seattle! =)Less than a month and my husband will be back from Iraq!!

Closing this post with beautiful Giuliana Luna in a basket at her photoshoot =D Outfit by H&M lol

Click on pic to enlarge it!
Hasta luego, I'm off watching France- Uruguay (secretly of course lol)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh ehm gee...scroll down for OOTD =D

In about 3 more weeks I'll be back in the States. I'm so excited, because my husband will be done with his 12 months deployment in about 4 weeks! I'm so excited, but I'm also sad. I'm always so depressed when I leave my family. It's gonna be even harder now, because I've been with them for the past 9 months, my niece was born, I've had a job I really loved. Bittersweet. Also, Diego will be staying in Germany a little longer. I didn't want to bring him with me right away, because moving will be too stressful. Another countdown is on...if you're into soccer, you might know the worldcup starts on friday! I'm a huge soccer fan, how couldn't I? I'm italian. I was always so excited about the worldcup, but it has actually changed in the last couple years. The last worldcup was in Germany and Italy won. Dilemma, because I'm an ITALIAN living in Germany. Germany lost against Italy in the semi finals. We celebrated like crazy, proud italians of course, BUT in the end its only sports! I hate how some soccer fans get violent and mean. Can you believe it they threw bottles at us! My mom didn't wanna put an italian flag on the car, because she thought someone would smash a window or something. I mean it got so crazy, people got insulted on a personal level. "F@@# Italians, go bake pizza, that's what you do best" Oh and the best was, I heard so many people say "I WILL NEVER EVER EAT ITALIAN FOOD ANYMORE." What the heck, it's just soccer, c'mon! (Don't get me wrong, alot of nice germans celebrated with us)
That's why this year, I'm not so enthusiastic anymore. I'll just hope it will be over soon. Very sad =(

Ok, I don't wanna bore you. Here is my OOTD (wow, mirror needs cleaned badly!!)

Top by Alley Kat
Skirt Tally Weijl
Shoes by American Eagle (I'm so in love with these shoes!)
Necklace by New Yorker

It's 11pm here and I wanna go to bed before midnight =D
Here another picture from my nieces photoshoot. Can u say cute??

Click on the picture to enlarge it!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Don't Know Jacques!! NOTD

I finally picked up some taupe nail polish! I'm a nail polish junkie and I love trying out different colors, so grey is the next. I really love it and it looks nice with tanned skin =)
This is OPI You Don't Know Jacques. It looks a little different in real life, I didnt use flash.
Grey nails, do or don't??


I finally went to see Sex and the city 2 with my sister. It was....well....OKAY! I think the first one was so much better. I caught myself looking at the watch a couple times during the movie. Caught my sister doing that also haha.
I thought it was a little over the top, a little too much and a bit boring. The scene I really loved was the one with Samantha on the market haha. I laughed my butt off. But thats about it...It was ok, but I wouldnt wanna watch it again.
What are your thoughts?!
Here my OOTD, I was on the phone with my hubby and it was almost 1am, thats why the pics are not so good haha

Dress by Papaya
Pumps by Jumex
Necklace gifted

I bought this dress about 1 year ago. I love the bow on the dress and I love love love the shoes!!

On another note, I don't remember if I wrote about it on my blog, but my sister got professional pictures taken of the babygirl maybe 2 weeks ago. I thought I would share one picture a day, because those pictures need to be shared, they are soooo sooo sooo beautiful =)
This is the first and my favorite by far! I'm sure you can tell why I love that picture of Giuliana. She was about 5-6 weeks on the picture.

Click on the pic to enlarge it

Enjoy, Photobucket