Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello again...

Remember me? I have not blogged in 7 days...wow =) I've been so busy. 10 more days untill I leave for Seattle. Excited and sad at the same time. So my days have been a little hectic, plus its the worldcup (eventho I have to say UNFORTUNATLY italy does suck this year =( )
So much going on here, had to get my passport stamped, remember I told you about that? I sent in my italian passport and postal tracking showed me they received it. They deposited my check and never send me my passport! =D I called and they NEVER answered lol. So one of our family friends had to go to the consulate anyway, so I gave him a power of attorney to pick up my passport. Once he got there and complained that they NEVER answer the phone they said...and Im not kidding "Well we cant answer every phone call" can you believe it? It took them 20 minutes to find my passport, it was not stamped yet and the self addressed envelope I sent them (which I paid 6 euros for) was in there trash can! Worst service ever at the italian consulate in Frankfurt. Im just happy I got my passport back.
I also lost my ipod while walking the dogs =( I'm so mad at myself. So I need to get a new one before I fly back.
Got my vision checked yesterday and my right eye improved! ha!
Got my German ID and hung out with friends. Thats all I have been doing besides work. I still work untill one day before I leave Germany.
Today I will get a new ipod, new glasses, buy some gifts for the girls in Seattle. whew...
I have no OOTD or anything similar. Just a couple of pics of the weekend.
Promise Ill post some OOTD soon!

That guy next to me is my little brother =)

At the Shisha Bar, I didnt smoke this time =D

Doro, one of my BFF's here in Germany!

Mary and I at my neighbors Bday Party

and thats where I lost my ipod =D

Have a great week, Photobucket


Angie said...

oh no :( it sounds like you had a really bad week. well things are always balanced in the universe, that only means this next week will be great!

really sorry to hear you lost your ipod D:

Lorena said...

Dang! sounds like the Italian Consulate is every single government office here!
Its like they are doing you a favor !! I hate that.
I hope you find time to do everything, seems like you have it all covered :)

Leah ♥ said...

glad youre back gorgeous!!!

I nominated you for a blogger award, check it out :) http://theroyalblush.blogspot.com/

Dolce♥Bunny said...

yay! You're back! but hope everything gets better... Do have a lovely time there!

Melissa said...

Hi! I'm finally replying to your comment on my blog, since I haven't been posting :x Hehe
That sounds like really bad service! But at least you got your passport in the end (: They should've given you some kind of discount.. If they're even able to do that.

xx, Melissa

Btw, you have really cute outfit posts on your blog! I'm your newest follower <3