Friday, June 11, 2010

OOTD and I bought my first romper!

This will be a short post, it's friggn hot in my room and the second worldcup match will be on in a bit =) I will secretly watch it with my sister and pretend WE DONT CARE who wins =D So people won't bother me with text messages or calls in case Italy should not make it that far LOL. If I would be in Italy now, this would be different, but since I'm in Germany (dont get me wrong, I LOOOOVE GERMANY) things are different hehe. So here is what I wore today. My hair is a mess WOW.
Dress dont somewhere
Shoes by Jumex
Belt by H&M

My mom got some coupons in the mail for a German store, I got this romper 50 % off =D I always wanted one, but I never found one. This one is pretty cute and a steal. I had to get it. My sis got a similar one.
(Excuse my dogs nose on the pic, he was digging holes on the backyard haha)

little update on my return date: 21 days until I'm back in Seattle! =)Less than a month and my husband will be back from Iraq!!

Closing this post with beautiful Giuliana Luna in a basket at her photoshoot =D Outfit by H&M lol

Click on pic to enlarge it!
Hasta luego, I'm off watching France- Uruguay (secretly of course lol)



sophia said...

Teehee "I <3 Mum"!! Priceless!!!

Girrrrrl you have me ROFL!! "3 to grunt"!! Glad to hear someone shares my point of view :)

Angie said...

awww precious baby photo :D
that romper looks so good on you! i could neverrr pull that off haha

BuNnYLuBerz said...

the dress and the romper looks great! i feel like taking a pic of my romper now.. i probably will hehe

NANCYXO said...

so cute. love it.

xo nancy

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Cute dress! I wish you knew where you got it :( hehe, love the romp! But I always have trouble going to the bath room with it... but cute ^^

MsHark said...

I got goosebumps hearing the hubby will be back so soon!!! how wonderful! I'm sooo excited for you! I know how that feels The romper is super cute!


Claudia said...

great dress! You look gorgeous :)

Abby M. said...

love the outfits ;) u look so great..
haha enjoy watching the match :D

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

wow, you look so pretty:)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

thanks for dropping by, and i love your style!! lv the jumpsuit :D x

The Beauty In Me said...

The lil munchkin look too cute!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I know since I realy do not get into soccer or European Football as us Americans call it. Even though it is a world sport...anyways... I did not really show how bad I wanted USA to win. I mean they I will take it. But still...=)

I adore that romper. OMG 21 days...lovely.

Lorena said...

I want that romper! Its absolutely perfect. The color, the length.. fits your beautifully.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute dress! I really love the shape and how it fits you.. very chic!