Wednesday, June 2, 2010

White & Turquoise (OOTD & NOTD)

30 days until I'm back in Seattle =) I'm excited. Other than that, I'm busy working. I'm so tired at night and my brother plays pranks on me in the morning. What a dork, this morning he set my alarm 3 hours earlier than I was supposed to get up! Ugh was I mad, I'm NOT a morning person. I promise, I'll get him back! Coming to my OOTD, trying not to wear that much black anymore. I'll try...
Here it is:

Sequin Top by Pimkie
Leggins by New Yorker
Peep Toes by Guess bought in Rome
Necklace - New Yorker

This is my NOTD, I used the Hello Kitty Nailpolish I bought at H&M the other day in Turquoise Kitty. Love the color!! Matches my ring!

I booked our tickets to Miami last night, I stayed up till 1 am to find the vest deal. I'm excited, eventho our flight back is connecting flight =( ugh. We will fly from Miami to Houston and then to Seattle. But my hubby will be with me, so its all good!

I finally managed to order a photobook with our wedding pictures LOL. We got married again in a church last summer. Originally, we got married in 2007 in a courthouse in Pittsburgh. So I told my husband, I wanna get married in a church in Europe. So we got re-married in my hometown.
The photobook is totally cute, love it!
This is the front, hardcover =)

The back:

and some random pages:

Well, I gotta work some more



Abby M. said...

really nice outfit :) .. simple but gorgeous!

such beautifuL pics in ur wedding album : )
i like ur wedding gown!

haha. hmm kinda made me wonder what my wedding would be hehe ;P ofc. thats not gonna be any soon yeT. hehe.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Is that from Shutterfly??? I looovooove that website.

I love those shoes. You look so tiny in that outfit. AWESOME that you get to see your man in 30 days.

Anonymous said...

i love h ow your shirt is shinny and that you have a bow necklace.

im doing the same..trying to not wear black too much! most of the clothes i like when i shop are black tho! pooeey

BBM said...

wat a comfy and chic outfit! and ure wedding looked amazing! wat a beautyful couple!

Angie said...

aww the wedding pictures are gorgeous :D you look so happy!

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

aw, such beautiful weddings pictures! you lucky girl ;) <3

Taylor said...

Great OOTD! Love that sparkly top... looks fantastic on you.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

LOVE your blog. You are absolutely adorable. I'm your newest follower :-)

Your outfit is great, and that Turquoise Kitty polish is amazing!!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Cute OOTD! Since you're only wearing black and white, your nails stand out!
I totally lol-ed at your brothers prank. Better get them back gooo!!

maki said...

i love the top!
and your wedding book is soo sweet. we have plenty of those wedding bookers in manila and they cost a fortune.

Lorena said...

Oh you are wearing that pretty bow necklace again...!
Your photo book is a gorgeous, it's a like a work of look like a princess.

Londyn said...

So beautiful! Love the book and love the blog :)

Jesa said...

Gorgeous photos. Happy I stumbled on your blog :)

Cheers, Jesa

liz said...

oh my that photobook is amazing!
aghhh those pics are so beautiful,
can you just imagine later in life when you're rocking in the chair with the hubby looking through the book and remembering good young days. awww how cute!!!