Monday, May 31, 2010

Shake what your Mama gave ya...

In my case, some shopping bags, because my lovely mom took us shopping today. Monday is her day off and we decided to have a girls day. Remember, my dad went to Italy to take care of some business, my brother was in school, so it was just Mom, my sis, the baby and I. It was fun, we took our time =) I didn't buy "much" tho. I'm going back to the states soon, and I know I'll do major damage there =D
Funny thing is, I didn't find ANYTHING at Tally Weijl....hmm...probably because I already own everything they sell lol. But H&M did not dissapoint.

How cute is this top I got at H&M? 15 bucks only! Love it. Bought the necklace I'm wearing at New Yorkers. I love bows!!
Studs I bought at H&M, I don't really like wearing big earings, I own lots of cute studs tho =)

Then I saw this Hello Kitty Nailpolish at H&M, I absolutely LOVE the color, pretty turquoise, a color that was missing in my collection. Comes in pink also. They had lots of Hello Kitty Make UP Palettes also!

Continuing with turquoise and bows. Bought this gorgeous turquoise ring at H&M! The bow ring is from Pimkie

I can't seem to go to the Mall and NOT buy shoes LOL. I bought some flats, I really needed some open flats for the summer. I didnt find the perfect gladiators for me yet =( I'll have to buy them in the states I guess =)
But found those blue ones for sale at Jumex.

Jumex is awsome, because they give u this cute little cotton shopping bag hehe

Last but not least my mom bought me this dress. It was on sale...but when I went to pay for it, it was even cheaper. I paid less than 10USD for this ha! Bought it at C&A

I'm really tired now and I'm also frustrated dealing with italian bureaucracy. OMG it's the worst let me tell you. I need them to fix something on my passport and do they answer their phone?! of course not! Opening hours 9-12am...I call at 9, the phone rings and rings, at 10 same thing, at 11 I'm on hold till 12 and then they close. I HATE it! I CANNOT WAIT, till I have dual citizenship lol. They didnt even change my last name on my italian passport yet and I've been married for almost 3 years! Ha, thats how it works in italy...I have to be careful to book tickets with my maiden name and then I get to the states and my names dont match. Its driving me insane. Luckily they never gave me problems, but I always carry my marriage certificate with me when i travel on my GC. I HATE italian bureaucracy!
Gosh I'm tired, working the whole week, including SAT & SUN =(
A bientôt,


Diana said...

cute outfits!

eleventh0fapril said...

cute outfits ! and i like that bow necklace in your first outfit :)

Angie said...

omg i love those tiny key studs and that pink polka dot dress :D

hello kitty nail polish!? your h&m is loaded! that first top with the bow necklace is so delicate and girly

such a great shopping day :D

MsHark said...

I loooove those rings!!

I had no idea you were THAT Italian! Like, you are FROM Italy... LOL, hopefully that makes sense. thats so cool!!!

Abby M. said...

Totally cute top! H&M has good stuff :)
and the rings! ah love ´em.. i Love bows too ^^
and the dress is totally gorgeous! fits u perfect :)
i´m going to the US for a vacation in august and i sure hope i find a ¨lot¨of things i can buy there :P

u know what? i ordered a plane ticket for my aunt and i forgot to write her middle name.. but the agency that i bought the ticket from said that it didn´t matter and then i found out that i wrote my aunts name wrong :s and that was a total stress!
i bought the ticket from and when i called them, to fix what i did wrong it took me hours to stay on the phone untill i fanally got an answer -.-

ops that was long x) hehe.. just related a bit of what u wrote about Italian Bureuacracy hehe..

Lorena said...

I am sorry to hear about your issue with your passport.
It's awful. Bureaucracy seems to be the main problem with anything government related. Good luck.
On the other hand you scored some serious GOLD!!!
Wow... and I have to say that I am YET to be disappointed by H&M :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

Guess what?? I got that same turquoise ring from H&M..I bought it in Rhimes, France. Good taste.=)

Thank you for your comments, I really enjoy them.

DiWiMakeup said...

The bow necklace and ring are so cute! I love mother daughter quality time. My brother recently moved out so it's been weekly shopping trips with my mom lol.

xo, Diana

Beyond Me said...

Hi =] yes I am! Been here for about 3 years now! Welcome back (; (it hasn't gotten too warm out yet -_- but hopefully by the time you get here it will!)

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i love that first top — ruffles are my favorite!