Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My very first award!

Thanks to beautiful and stylish Leah from Another Makeup Blog who gave me my very first blogger award!(Go check out her blog!!) I'm so excited, who doesn't want to be considered stylish?! =)
The rules to accept this award: State 5 randon facts about yourself and award 5 other bloggers and let them know you tagged them.

5 random facts about me

1. Love at first sight, I believe in it. Met my husband at the end of april 07, got engaged in august 07 and married 2 months later =D Fast, I know, but he took me to Paris on our second date, how can i NOT marry him!lol! Now we have been married for almost 3 years and he still gives me butterflies  ♥

                    Before he deployed for the second time =( Tears came after the pictures lol
2. I'm 100 % italian! I'm NOT american italian, I'm actually italian from Italy! Both my parents are italian, born and raised there. Eventho I grew up in Germany, 90% of my family is still in Italy and I try to go to back to Italy as often as I can. We're from Calabria, south Italy, right by the beach...sigh. If I would not have met my husband I would be living in Rome right now =)

                             I look so tiny infront of the colosseum =D
3. I speak 5 languages. I'm fluent in english, german, italian and french and semi fluent in spanish. Learning languages has always been a passion. I'm a nerd sometimes =) My favorite would be french! I love  it, sounds so romantic and smart =) I love french movies and their music!

My feel good song at the moment, dingue dingue dingue dingue =D
4. I will NEVER EVER watch horror movies. I refuse to! I'm a chicken, I'm scared just watching a scary trailer. I think if I'd watch a horror movie, I wouldnt be sleeping for a while. My husband gets frustrated sometimes, because he likes scary movies, but I just can't do it...dentists are about on the same level as horror movies lol

5. I'm blind as a bat =D I wear glasses at home and contacts when I leave my house. Thankfully glasses look pretty stylish nowadays. Without my glasses or contacts I'd be lost, especially driving the car. Thinking about lasik eye surgery...not sure yet.

My old boy and me, I love that pic. I look crazy but he looks so happy =D

That was fun. The 5 stylish bloggers I tag are:
Angie from Pandaphilia
Lorena from My every day wear
Diana from cheetokisses

Thanks again to Leah. I'm really thankful.

Ciao ciao,


LS said...

awww youre very welcome :)

Im so impressed you can speak 5 different languages! Thats amazing!

and I LOVE how you and your hubby fell in love in a whirlwind romance, I live for spontaniety and I envy that you guys met, fell in love, and got married in less than 2 years. Its incredibly romantic :) You guys must have so much fun togther!

Im thinking about lasik too! Im legally blind without lenses lol

Lorena said...

Carla thank you for your comment and for the award !
I am so speak 5 languages WOW, I mean really that means that you are not only pretty but also smart!!

Angie said...

awww thank you! it's such an honour to be considered stylish for once :3

Angie said...

wahhhh paris! i DREAM of paris : ) i used to brag about being able to speak 5 languages but now it's more like 3 ... haha xD

you and your hubby are very cute together : )

Diana said...

aww . . . thanks so much hun for the award! I read every single thing you had to say and those are very high to top! lol I loved how fast you got married that's crazy but I am glad you guys are still together :o) I also love . . . french music but I don't understand a single word. lol :D

MsHark said...

Ohh super interesting facts! I can't believe you are fluent in so many languages. I speak English and Chinese. Learning languages is one of the coolest things in the world! I have a knack for it too.

you guys are a gorgeous couple!

Thanks for passing this onto me!