Thursday, May 20, 2010

Starting the countdown OOTD

I'm at that point were I can finally count the days for my husband to get back home =)I won't post excact days of course, because that wouldn't be to smart, but it's less than 2 months =) Funny thing is, my OOTD is the same outfit I wore the day my husband deployed =D except the shoes that is. How funny.

Dress by Papaya
Peeptoes by Guess

I bought this dress about 1 year ago and it fit like a glove. It's a size 0, but now it's actually a little tight, and I have a harder time closing the back zipper lol. I know I gained a little weight since I moved back to Germany, but food is just too good back home, plus I don't go to the gym every 2 days. Well, I'll be back in shape once I'm back in WA hehe.
I don't really care about my weight, I just don't like being a couch potato.
Plus, I need to look good in a bikini, because 4 weeks after my husband gets home we will go on a cruise! A caribbean cruise that is. Starting at Miami we will get to see Virgin Island, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Caicos Island. I'm especially psyched about Puerto Rico. My husband is puertorican and I might get to meet some of his family that still lives there. I can't wait, eventho that means take another flight from Seattle to Miami...argh.
I'm also excited because after that, there is another military ball coming up. I love balls, especially because of the gown you get to wear. This will be my 3rd military ball. The first one was ok, we just got to WA and didn't know anybody, let alone have time for gown shopping.
Last ball was alot better, I had such a beautiful gown. My favorite color, blue and lace up back.

Not sure what color I'll pick this time. My first was red, last year was pretty sapphire blue. I was thinking about either cream/gold colored, maybe purple. Maybe different gown type. I have such a hard time, because I'm only 5'2", so not all the dresses look good on me. Oh well, I'll see when I get to the states.
Past midnight again, I really should go to bed, I'm just so excited about those upcoming events =)
Nite nite,


Leah ♥ said...

oooo Im so excited for you!!! Sexy dress btw, doesnt look snug in the least bit!

Angie said...

yay! congratulations :) you look stunning in that blue dress and i'd be surprised to think you're 5'2" in that ! you seem much taller

have fun on your cruise!

Diana said...

cute dress and shoes!!

Lorena said...

Blue looks great on you....
I also love love dressing up for parties... long gowns and cocktail dresses are my faves.