Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forgive me, for I have sinned...

...but I CANNOT resist H&M or Tally Weijl. Well, most of the stuff I bought was on sale, and I came up with a pretty good idea how to get all the stuff back to WA, because I will never ever fit everything I bought over the last year plus the stuff I brought from the states into 2 suitcases each 50lbs. No way, so I'm gonna start mailing some clothes and shoes back home to WA. I'm gonna send it via APO, so it will be cheap. I'm a genius =D hehe...or I'll just leave my husbands clothes here LOL
Well, my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go to the Mall today, so my sister, the babygirl and I joined them. It was fun actually, not so crowded because its a german holiday (4day) and it's a tradition to go camping.
Here my awsome finds:
Remember, my sister bought these yesterday, I couldnt resist buying them when I tried them on. So cool and comfy, eventho it has a 5 inch heel! Isn't the heel something?!

Bought them in a german shoe store for 20 Euros! Great buy I think. They're a size 6

I need some basic, neutral shirts to, because I have so many skirts and no shirts, I found this cute, white shirt at tally weijl. Love the studs on the shoulder, yay another MJ type of shirt lol It was on sale and I paid 6 Euros hehe. Size XS

Another reason why I love Tally Weijl, they have so many cute dresses!! I'm gonna miss Tally Weijl when I get back to the states =( Bought this cute summer dress at Tally's, size XS.

Soft blue pinstripes.

Bought another cute bikini at H&M, they had so many this time, I was overwhelmed lol. But I wanted something more colorful. So I got this cute pink & blue striped 2 piece bikini. Top is a size 36 and bottoms size 34. I love H&M swimwear, because you can mix and match! This will look good with my tanned skin on the cruise haha =D

Tally Weijl has the cutest jewelry. I love cute & funny necklaces. When I saw this, I had to get it, it's totally ME! Not because I'm conceited, but because I like to make fun of it! I've heard so many times, from my mom, that some people that don't know me think I'm conceited or cocky. She gets to hear it all the time, not very nice ;( They never even talked to me! I don't know why, maybe it's the way I dress, dress to impress I guess. People that know me, know that I'm not conceited at all. But for all the people that judge me before they get to know me..I'll make fun of it =P

That's it from me! How did you spend your weekend?
Closing this with Giuliana Luna laughing her butt off =D what a cutie pie!

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Jen said...

Girl, I'm so glad I found another H&M fashionista like me! I can't say NO to anything in that store! But my favorte piece of yours? That fabulous top! Love it, Love it, Love it!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I love it all! Especially thoes shoes... They are real yummz :D

Lorena said...

I love those shoessss!

Frances said...

love all those clothes, ESPECIALLY the shoes. OMG awesomeness.

Hazel said...

I've got the same shoes! :)