Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OOTD (or "I can't think of a title)

It's midnight and I have not been on here since yesterday ha. But I've been so very busy. I'm getting ready to leave and lots of things need to be taken care of. But I think we found a house. Its in the area I LOVE and one block away from the ocean. You can't really swim in the water in WA but the view is amazing! I'm excited. I think I will be booking my ticket to Seattle this week. Ugh I still hate flying, how funny is it, I was zapping thru the channels and there was a scene in an airplane, plane was about to go down...Well great, I'm already freaked out and now they show that on TV..lol Ok, coming to my OOTD. Casual Tuesday

Jeans - Marshalls
T-Shirt - Disney
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - H&M
Suede Shoes - Report

I love this T-Shirt, I'm a big Disney fan. Snow white being my favorite. So I HAD to get this shirt =D
Of course the little girls at school liked it also =)

They're so comfy. I got them at Ross for like 8 bucks =D I wasn't even looking for shoes, because they never have my size but I guess I was lucky.
Closing this post with a picture of my 2 favorite boys (except my husband). Billy our family Mutt and Diego the Beagle. Can you believe Billy is 12 years old already? Still fit as a fiddle. Love them both

Nite nite,


MsHark said...

awww I miss my pups so much!

you look cute as usual!

Jen said...

Love the fact you're rockin' a Disney shirt! I can't believe how in mickey shirts are!! I did a post on them awhile ago and found tons and tons of beautiful models all wearing them. Girl, you know sytle!!

Lorena said...

Long flights are the worst. But, just take Niquil with you... that should help sleep !