Friday, May 7, 2010

Something of the day =)

Today is just BLAH. My mood is just like the weather. Grey, cold and rainy. What a great way to start the weekend. It's my day off and I'm walking around in sweatpants and an old shirt, thats why I'm NOT doing an OOTD lol. But I played with my coastal scents palette today. Since I just got it I still don't know what colors go with what, but I tried some more colorful stuff today and I think the results are kinda pretty. The colors are great. Also I tried cream liner for the first time, still need to get used to that. I always used liquid liner. So, let's call this EOTD, eventho I did not do my eyebrows, oops. Like I said, I was just messing around with the colors hehe.

Of course a mirror pic =D
Click on the pics to enlarge them
This is what I used for my eye:
-Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
-WnW cream liner
-L'Oreal xtra volume mascara
and my CS 88 Palette. Marked the colors with an X

-Revlon soft nude

-Petites in Sapphire (love that color)

On another note, our little princess Giuliana Luna is 1 month old today =) Now she weighs about 6,4lbs. Most of the weight is probably her hair =DIsn't she a doll?!? I love her. At H&M some lady seriously asked me if we went to the tanning salon with her because of her skin color! What the heck lol.

Click on the pics to enlarge them
Have a great weekend!



MsHark said...

OMG she is adorable and I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE THAT CUTE LITTLE BODY 1 month post-partum! WOW!!!

Carla said...

I wish...thats my sisters baby :D

MsHark said...

OK I was coming over because I felt like a dumbass for missing that it was your sister's baby, but, Miss Carla you say "OUR little Giuliana" so I totally thought you meant yours and hubby's. LOL!! Anyway I am glad its not because I skipped over what you wrote or something (sometimes pretty pictures distract me! haha). Anyway either way you have a killer bod :)

Carla said...

haha no problem :)
and thanks for the compliment! but so do you!!

Taylor said...

Your eyeshadow looks so great! Love that pink.

Angie said...

ahhh cute baby :D i love the lilac eyeshadow! very pretty :)

Leah ♥ said...
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Leah ♥ said...

Carla she is adorable!!! She has so much hair!! She is just too cute!!! was she a premie? I was when I was born, I came out only 2lbs

Thanks for commenting my page, where are you and your husband moving when he comes back? I send you and especially your husband my utmost gratitude btw, that is a very noble thing what he is doing for our country. My prayers are w/ you guys that he returns home swiftly and safely :)

Lorena said...

You will get used to the cream eyeliner, trust me ;)
I had to practice on my hand until I finally got it right!