Sunday, May 2, 2010

OOTN for a night out

My twin cousins from outta town spontaniously decided to come visit, so we went out. I didn't have much time to think of an outfit. I wanted to wear a dress but I would have been too overdressed for the club we went to.
I just noticed that this is my third leopard print outfit in a row =D This time its purple tho.
Normally, this is a dress, but I find it a little too short to go dancing with, so I wore some sort of tights/stockings underneath.

Sequin Dress/Top - Colloseum
Tights - C&A
Peeptoes - Guess (oh so comfy)
Necklace - Swarovski
Satin Wristlet - Coach
Leather Jacket-Blue Sand
I just wore the jacket on my way to the club ( I was the driver) but left it in the car.
I love this leather jacket. I bought it in february when we went to my favorite city in the world ROME. Bought it in a little fashion boutique called Blue Sand. I was looking for a black leather jacket, but found this cream colored instead. I love shopping in italy =)


It was a fun night and I was excited to see my cousins again. The club was kinda lame or maybe I guess I'm too old =D It was one of those clubs where you don't have to be 18 to get in. Lots of 16 year old kids acting like Biatches, rubbing on each other and thinking its cool =D The music sucked. They played Hip Hop on the main floor and Electro on the second floor (I love electro). I listen to a little hip hop, but last night was garbage, stupid old remixes, the Dj played the same songs all time and little german guys trying to act all gangsta. Yep some of them even wearing grillz and throwing up gang signs =D Like I always say, they have nooo idea what they're doing, but think its cool cuz lil wayne does it =D
You know when you think of Rap and Hip Hop and then you think of that typical cliché...that's exactly what it looked like last night!lol
The electro dance floor was alot better, more grown ups and normal dressed people. It was a fun night tho.
On another note, I used the Coastal Scents Palette last night and OMG the colors are great!! Better than I expected! I did a purple smokey eye and the colors are so pigmented. I might by the shimmery pallete when I get back to the states.

Oh, yes I almost had a heart attack couple hours ago. Somebody left the door open and Diego, my Beagle took of and nobody noticed it!! We noticed after a while that he was gone. OMG I panicked! I called him, looked everywhere, he was nowhere to be found, I drove thru the whole city looking for him. NOTHING. I drove back home and I saw him coming up the street towards my car. I was so relieved when he jumped in my car....gosh Diego...I almost thought I had lost you =(  You know how Beagles are, always following their nose. I could not live without my Diego!


MsHark said...

love that leather jacket!

LS said...

OMG my dog is my baby and I dont know what Id do if I lost him. Youre so lucky!

I LOVE your layout btw and you look so sexy in your new fits!

I would love if you can follow me back gorgeous :)