Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shopping = Happy =)

Today, me and my sister went to the mall to get some stuff for the baby. Little did I know there was a huge sale going on in my favorite stores =D I'm talking 50-70 % off original price. I spent ALOT LESS than 100 bucks on everything including lunch =D Must have been my lucky day.
I'm so excited =) That reminds me of something I heard on AFN Radio (American Forces Radio) the other day. They said that shopping can lead to depression and stress because you're so overwhelmed with all the stuff and the prices. I guess for most women it's the other way around, RETAIL THERAPY haha. I love shopping and it makes me happy, but of course too much of anything is bad for you =)
But enough talk, here's what I got:

OMG, how cute is this dress? I got it at H&M size XS. I wanted to get it in grey also, but they didn't have my size =( The sleeves are a little puffy. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Then I got shoes, it seems like everytime I shop I get shoes =) Oh well, they were on sale hehe. Size 5, yep I have small feet...usually 5 or 5.5
I got a leopard print bikini at H&M. You can tell I LOVE leopard print, a leopard print bikini was missing in my collection. You should check out their new swimsuit collection, so cute! Top is size 36(S) and bottom 34(XS)
I got a snake print purse also at H&M, it was 70% off, oh yes! I needed something smaller, but not too small, my big coach wallet still fits!
I absolutely LOVE this shirt, got it at Tally Weijl. I wish they'd have Tally Weijl in the states! That shirt caught my eye a while ago, but didn't wanna spend the money on it, but guess what? 50% off! Size XS

Love the detail on the shoulders!
I'm still not done, bought 2 skirts also at Tally Weijl. Both XS

And last thing I bought, ArtDeco Eyeliner brush. Normally, I use Sonia Kashuk brushes, but I don't have the eyeliner brush, because I always use liquid liner or pencil. But since I bought creme liner, I needed a brush ha.

Wow, I think that's it. I definately need to go to bed, gotta go to work tomorrow and I think I already know what I will be wearing =D
Nite nite,


Angie said...

LOVE the detailing on that dress! :) H&M is the best

LS said...

I tagged you on my blog, you should check it out :)


Lorena said...

And to think that you were just going to get stuff "for the baby"!!!
You actually went shopping, which makes me a little green with envy as being in a shopping ban is really beginning to get to me...
My fave is that top with the embellished shoulders....

Diana said...

I love those shoes!!!! I want them!! lol

Taylor said...

Our closest H&M is THREE hours away! That dress fits you like a glove; so cute!

Carla said...

Yes, we do have H&M's everywhere here in Europe, but I was so happy when I found out we do have 3 H&Ms in WA =D gotta love Seattle hehe