Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Julep March Maven Box

Hello Ladies,

I received my Julep Maven Box for March! I stayed with the Boho Glam, I really liked this month colors.
The box came with:

  • Julep "Alicia" a very pretty coral/salmon
  • Julep "Portia"glittery turquoise
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
  • nail file
I love the way they package their boxes :-)

Portia & Alicia

2 Coats of Alicia

There is still time for you to get your box for ONE CENT. Just click on the link below and when you check out, enter Code COLOR2012

How many polishes do you ladies own? I organized mine today, and I have around 60. I recently, threw away some oldies. This collection is not too bad. I was afraid, I had too many. BUT I am not a hoarder :-D

How do you organize your lacquers?? This is how I do it. They are neatly organized and stored in my night stand :-) 

It's already Wednesday! Of course this week is going by fast...The day my husband has to leave is coming closer and closer :-( I am extremely scared and I am super thankful that my little brother will come stay with me for 3 months. Otherwise I'd lose it!
I HATE war :-(


Sunday, February 26, 2012

You've got my mail!

My mom's package arrived yesterday! My awesome family mailed me some German and Italian Goodies, which included a bunch of beauty products :-) It sucks to be so far away from them, but they surely know how to make my day! I miss them....

 so much good stuff! Lots of DM Products, and homemade italian sausages :-)
and ohh 4 polishes!!!

 L2R: P2 Elegant, P2 Charmin, P2 Poetic, H&M Blue my mind

This is P2 in Charming

2 coats

Me and Diego say Nite Nite
♥ Carla

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She painted her nails again...

...I did it again. Today I had no idea how to paint my nails! I was hoping my moms package from Germany  would be waiting for me when I get home (she sent some polish ;-D) but I used some oldies ;-) Why not??
Essie- Matte over you
WnW- Party of five glitters

I've made a deal with myself not to buy new nail polish for at least 1 week or 2 :-D EXCEPT my Julep nail mail. We will see how long I will last.
Have you heard of Julep yet? JULEP is a nail subscription. Their colors and quality are amazing. I painted my nails and I think it lasted about 5 days (until I wanted a new color) could have gone longer. I have explained HERE how exactly it works. This months color are really pretty. I am still sticking with the BOHO Maven Box.
This months was really hard to pick, because ALL their boxes are really pretty.
BTW, you can get your first box for a penny if you use Code: COLOR2012
Can't wait for my Julep to ship!!
Buenas noches!

PS. On a side note: What is up with these Doomsday Preppers shows?? Am I the only person who believes that the world is NOT going to end? My husband is watching this right now...LOL. People are just crazy....maybe it's just me. Oh well

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend recap

Good evening Ladies,

how was everybody's weekend? Mine was quite successful :-)
Spend all weekend in downtown Seattle: eating, drinking, exploring, shopping and just having a good time!
I did not do much shopping, because the men don't do so good when the girls are shopping ;-)
I stopped at H&M and Nordstrom

saw this Top at H&M and I had to have it! $9.99 :)

I needed a new wallet. Nordstrom 

love the color

 and naaaiiil polish!!!!
I wanted some holo glitter!
This is OPI - Save me
(I think it's from the Nicky Minaj collection yikes!!! lol)

of course I had to try it and thanks to Pinterest, I did some sort of ombre NOTD with pastel colors! I really really like IT :) so cute, don't you agree?

my home away from home

our husbands ;)

Pike Place chowder! I love that place!
The salmon chowder is delicious.

Have you seen Post Alley's Gum wall in Seattle? This is right below the market. We showed some friends around and their first reaction is:" ewwwwwwww!!'
It is pretty eww :-D Other than that, Seattle is a very clean city LOL

My friend put our names on the wall...I DID NOT touch it. It was all her LOL
I always wonder how many drunks walk by at night and actually pick up a piece of gum...ewww lol


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first Julep Maven Box!

I received my Julep Maven Box in the Mail today! Jippie!!!! That was fast, I ordered Monday night and today is only Wednesday :) If you don't know Julep, here is a short description:

Become a Julep Maven!  Take the Style Quiz.  Get gorgeous toxin-free nail color and cutting-edge mani and pedi products personalized to your style.  Just $19.99, plus free shipping.  Founded on the belief that beauty is a connection, not a competition, Julep was created to celebrate the bond between girlfriends and the beauty of the human spirit.

Julep is actually a local Nail parlor from Seattle! I am always glad to support local businesses, and if you're a nail polish addict, this idea is pretty neat! :) I am really excited.
If you want a box visit JULEP and get yourself a box. They have a promotion going on, enter code COLOR2012 and you will get your first box for a penny! ONE CENT!! FYI the polishes retail at $14.00 per bottle!!

My quiz came up with BOHO, and I really like the colors.
See it for yourself:
My first Maven Box came with:
- a dark chocolate Oscar :)
-Julep cuticle oil
-Julep in "Oscar" (gold)
-Julep in "Marisa" (blue)

I love the colors! I am a sucker for blues! This one is gorgeous.
and the Gold?? OMG, so pretty! Definitely Oscar-worthy :)

My husband said I will be on the tv show "horders" soon with my nail polish collection. LOL he is crazy! First of all, I think I have not reached 50 bottles yet. Second, my polish fits in one basket, and is ORGANIZED. Men.....


Monday, February 13, 2012

Haul sweet haul

Finally made it to the mall. I was expecting a bit more I guess, but better than nothing ;)

  Shirt at H&M 10 Dollars

 awesome dress at F21 (which is not one of my favorites stores)

 But check out the price? They had this dress in all kinds of colors. But black was the nicest.

I am a sucker for lace dresses :)

ehm 10 Dollars? yea you're coming home with me!!

an apple!!!

lovely belt from F21
 it photographs pink, but it is really sort of peachy

My sephora haul. I had a 50 Dollar gift hard from my husbands abuelos. Still got  couple dollars left.

and I also painted my nails yesterday.
ELF- Mango Madness
with OPI Crown me already

these polishes came in a cute little set, I got them last summer. I can never find E.L.F polishes in any stores, but I found this set with 4 summery colors at the Grocery outlet for 3 Dollars! Score :)

Have any of your heard of Julep? It's sort of like the shoe-dazzle for nail polish freaks! I just placed my first order, after I did the Style test. I will be receiving the BOHO Box. To find out how it works click here -> Julep
I used a coupon that I've found online. I ended up paying $1.90 for a 19.99 box :) (Code: COLOR2012)
I will do a review as soon as I receive my first Julep box :) Excited.
How was your weekend??

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Numb... whole left side of my mouth is numb. I got some fillings at the dentist and now I can't eat LOL. I've been really down lately, work is going through some MAJOR kind of scares me. 90% of our "business" is moving to a different state.  So those people who were affected by this change, can stay with the company IF they move to the other state. The difference between these two states is like night and day, west coast-eastcoast, north-south. If they don't move then they better find a new job. Some positions are still staying in Seattle and I was assured that mine will still be here in Seattle. It better! Geez I just got promoted not too long ago. I am def not moving LOL So this is what I've been bumming about. This year just didn't start right....enough talk. Posting 2 outfits that I wore this week, plus NAILS :)

Monday-Funday (NOT)
 Pants: Tally Weijl
Shirt - Marshall's
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: C&A (came with a dress)

 Shoes: Jumex
Keeping it casual lately!

Jeans- Gifted
Necklace- F21
Ring- H&M

 Essie- Midnight Cami
with one coat of P2 Blue Thunder.
I am STILL not over crackle! Are you?

My wonderful family in Germany will be sending me a package soon. I wrote a looooong list for my sister, most of the the stuff is from DM (fellow german blogger know exactly what store that is :-D) Nail polish, Make up, Body lotions, facial masks, stuff that you just can't get here. I have been STALKING other blogs from Germany to find out what to add to my list :) I got till Saturday! I hope that saturday I will be able to go to the mall, feels like I have not been in forever, plus I have a $50.00 gift card for Sephora! HELLO! :)

Diegolino & I say good night, sleep tight!
 from the gorgeous Puget Sound :)


I was tagged by a lovely German blogger Moo in a Make Up Tag. I will get to it as soon as I have more than 30 min to spare :) Danke fuer den Tag!!!!