Sunday, February 26, 2012

You've got my mail!

My mom's package arrived yesterday! My awesome family mailed me some German and Italian Goodies, which included a bunch of beauty products :-) It sucks to be so far away from them, but they surely know how to make my day! I miss them....

 so much good stuff! Lots of DM Products, and homemade italian sausages :-)
and ohh 4 polishes!!!

 L2R: P2 Elegant, P2 Charmin, P2 Poetic, H&M Blue my mind

This is P2 in Charming

2 coats

Me and Diego say Nite Nite
♥ Carla


Girlie Blogger said...

Awwww. Your mommy is so sweet! Those nail polishes look nice on you.
Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle

A Girl and Her Polish said...

I just did a quick skim of your blog and you are just too cute! I usually stick to nail blogs but you pulled me in! Question...are you from Germany and moved to the states?

~Hurricane B~ said...

Those blues are all very pretty. When I move back to the states next year, man oh man, there are so many European products that I am not sure how I will get them to me. =)

Lorena said...

NOW; THIS IS what i call spoiled !
What a great goody box - and i think Diego fell asleep before you did.

moni_♥ said...

süß so ein päckchen von zu hause zu bekommen :) hast echt süße und tolle produkte bekommen! den charming und elegant nagellack von p2 werd ich mir auch zulegen, wenn es den bei uns gibt :)

Liebste Grüße moni_♥
Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei: 100+ Leser Gewinnspiel :)

Elle said...

Die P2 Lacke gefallen mir sehr gut!! Sehen richtig schön aus <3 Würd mich freuen, dich als neue Leserin auf meinem Blog begrüßen zu dürfen. LG, Elle :)