Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend recap

Good evening Ladies,

how was everybody's weekend? Mine was quite successful :-)
Spend all weekend in downtown Seattle: eating, drinking, exploring, shopping and just having a good time!
I did not do much shopping, because the men don't do so good when the girls are shopping ;-)
I stopped at H&M and Nordstrom

saw this Top at H&M and I had to have it! $9.99 :)

I needed a new wallet. Nordstrom 

love the color

 and naaaiiil polish!!!!
I wanted some holo glitter!
This is OPI - Save me
(I think it's from the Nicky Minaj collection yikes!!! lol)

of course I had to try it and thanks to Pinterest, I did some sort of ombre NOTD with pastel colors! I really really like IT :) so cute, don't you agree?

my home away from home

our husbands ;)

Pike Place chowder! I love that place!
The salmon chowder is delicious.

Have you seen Post Alley's Gum wall in Seattle? This is right below the market. We showed some friends around and their first reaction is:" ewwwwwwww!!'
It is pretty eww :-D Other than that, Seattle is a very clean city LOL

My friend put our names on the wall...I DID NOT touch it. It was all her LOL
I always wonder how many drunks walk by at night and actually pick up a piece of gum...ewww lol



~Hurricane B~ said...

I have the OPI Niki collection too. The glitter is a pain to get off. Found that if you just soak your finger in the remover for a bit it comes off easier.=) I like Ivan's clam chowder by the water in that area. Was the best when I visited Seattle both times.

Lorena said...

Gross, that gum place just made me ewww!