Thursday, February 9, 2012

Numb... whole left side of my mouth is numb. I got some fillings at the dentist and now I can't eat LOL. I've been really down lately, work is going through some MAJOR kind of scares me. 90% of our "business" is moving to a different state.  So those people who were affected by this change, can stay with the company IF they move to the other state. The difference between these two states is like night and day, west coast-eastcoast, north-south. If they don't move then they better find a new job. Some positions are still staying in Seattle and I was assured that mine will still be here in Seattle. It better! Geez I just got promoted not too long ago. I am def not moving LOL So this is what I've been bumming about. This year just didn't start right....enough talk. Posting 2 outfits that I wore this week, plus NAILS :)

Monday-Funday (NOT)
 Pants: Tally Weijl
Shirt - Marshall's
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: C&A (came with a dress)

 Shoes: Jumex
Keeping it casual lately!

Jeans- Gifted
Necklace- F21
Ring- H&M

 Essie- Midnight Cami
with one coat of P2 Blue Thunder.
I am STILL not over crackle! Are you?

My wonderful family in Germany will be sending me a package soon. I wrote a looooong list for my sister, most of the the stuff is from DM (fellow german blogger know exactly what store that is :-D) Nail polish, Make up, Body lotions, facial masks, stuff that you just can't get here. I have been STALKING other blogs from Germany to find out what to add to my list :) I got till Saturday! I hope that saturday I will be able to go to the mall, feels like I have not been in forever, plus I have a $50.00 gift card for Sephora! HELLO! :)

Diegolino & I say good night, sleep tight!
 from the gorgeous Puget Sound :)


I was tagged by a lovely German blogger Moo in a Make Up Tag. I will get to it as soon as I have more than 30 min to spare :) Danke fuer den Tag!!!!


Girlie Blogger said...

Ouch! Hate fillings. Hope your mouth goes back to normal soon.

Cute outfits. I like the way you belted the first one.

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moni_♥ said...

jaaaa, diese und ende letzte woche hatten wir hier oben im norden bis zu -18 grad!!! schrecklich! mittlerweile ist es "wärmer" geworden und wir haben -4 oder so :-P

Liebste Grüße moni_♥
Schmetterlingsparadies ♥

*la fille blonde said...

Die Ankerkette ist total schön :)

Lorena said...

Seem like this year is bringing change to many of us. Lets just hope they are positive ones!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Hope you get all your stuff. That by now your mouth is back to normal. I did the Julep Maven style quiz and signed up. I got Classic with a Twist. =)