Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Julep March Maven Box

Hello Ladies,

I received my Julep Maven Box for March! I stayed with the Boho Glam, I really liked this month colors.
The box came with:

  • Julep "Alicia" a very pretty coral/salmon
  • Julep "Portia"glittery turquoise
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
  • nail file
I love the way they package their boxes :-)

Portia & Alicia

2 Coats of Alicia

There is still time for you to get your box for ONE CENT. Just click on the link below and when you check out, enter Code COLOR2012

How many polishes do you ladies own? I organized mine today, and I have around 60. I recently, threw away some oldies. This collection is not too bad. I was afraid, I had too many. BUT I am not a hoarder :-D

How do you organize your lacquers?? This is how I do it. They are neatly organized and stored in my night stand :-) 

It's already Wednesday! Of course this week is going by fast...The day my husband has to leave is coming closer and closer :-( I am extremely scared and I am super thankful that my little brother will come stay with me for 3 months. Otherwise I'd lose it!
I HATE war :-(



Girlie Blogger said...

Julep's a good brand. The color looks nice.

Lorena said...

I never heard of the brand Julep - I have about 20 nail polish colors... and I NEVER throw any way. I just mix em up ! I have had nail polish for over 9 years.... colors just keep coming back and if they are stored correctly they last.
I am sorry about your hubby leaving again - I cannot imagine the feeling - i saw some families at the airport a few weeks back that were there saying farewell to their husbands, brothers and it just broke my heart and i could not hold back the tears.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Hey pretty lady. I actually heard if you store it properly and use some nail polish thinner once in awhile, you never have to throw polish away. I store mine in containers by color. Might start to do special collections or crackle or something like that, then with in those, colors. But for now all colors. I just got my Feb Julep Maven box, but I am shipping APO, so two weeks was not too bad. =) I see that for March I have an Alicia and the oil in it too. Excited for that, almost wanted to switch. But think will stick with my Classis with a twist. =)