Friday, February 3, 2012

Tiempo Pasado Tiempo Perdido...

...the title has nothing to do with my post, I just like the song and I couldn't think of a better title ha ha.
Finally Friday, this week went by sooo fast. Actually, every day goes by so fast lately and I know exactly why! My dear husband is deploying to Afghanistan in March :( UGHHH I can't even start thinking about it. They were supposed to leave in Nov-Dec, then it kept getting pushed back and we have no clue when exactely they're leaving. So it basically will be a short notice thing. This sucks! I have been successfully ignoring every though of it! I don't want him to leave! THAT'S it. We have both been really stressed out about all this....sigh.
Anyhow, today I am posting my outfit from yesterday and today. I just didn't have time to post last night, I was too busy going to bed at 8:30 LOL
Starting with today. My outfit matched Seattle's sky: GORGEOUS BLUE!!!

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Papaya
Tights: Primark
Booties: Jumex

 My hair is getting long, I promised my hubby I'd TRY to let it grow...

 love the color of the shirt and it was only 7 Euros at Primark :)

Ring: Vero Moda 

I remember the first time I showed up at work with a skirt my coworker said: You know you don't have to dress up here right?! I told her that I knew that, and that I like wearing skirts it's not dress up, I am a woman after all LOL
I guess it's true, Seattle is no fashion capital :-D 
 Shirt: C&A
Skirt: Tally Weijl
Boots & Tights: Primark

 Ring: H&M

And of course I painted my nails twice this week :) I finally tried ALL colors that I bought within december and feb =) YES! I said, no more polish until I use all the ones I already got. Made it, buying some more :) 
 how gorgeous is this color?? bought in Germany
P2: Artful (1 coat)
Ring finger: Revlon Blue Mosaic

 Avon: Vintage Boutique
Tips: Sinful Colors All About You

Phew, lots of pics :) Ready to hit the pillow...going to an Antique market tomorrow. Hope I'll find some cool stuff!

Buenas noches, 
Carla ♥ 


Girlie Blogger said...

So sorry to hear about your husband :O( Boo!

Wow! Your body is gorgeous. Those outfits certainly look great on you.

I cannot believe today's beautiful weather. We have been blessed.

Taylor said...

That sucks your husband has to go back! Unreal. I'm so sorry.

I love your leopard bow ring, super-cute!

Lorena said...

It's a bummer your husband has to go - well at least they delayed it a bit, so you're getting a couple more months before he leaves.
I love those pattern tights and the animal print ring is gorgeous.

Moo said...

I taggt you: ;)

I love the brown Avon Nail Polish!!!! <3

~Hurricane B~ said...

As a fellow military wife, I know your pain. Sorry to hear about this, totally understand why you would be stressed. I looove the gold tips. Do you use scotch tape for your nails? I like to, since it is so cheap. I am not good enough to try to do tips without it. =)