Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She painted her nails again...

...I did it again. Today I had no idea how to paint my nails! I was hoping my moms package from Germany  would be waiting for me when I get home (she sent some polish ;-D) but I used some oldies ;-) Why not??
Essie- Matte over you
WnW- Party of five glitters

I've made a deal with myself not to buy new nail polish for at least 1 week or 2 :-D EXCEPT my Julep nail mail. We will see how long I will last.
Have you heard of Julep yet? JULEP is a nail subscription. Their colors and quality are amazing. I painted my nails and I think it lasted about 5 days (until I wanted a new color) could have gone longer. I have explained HERE how exactly it works. This months color are really pretty. I am still sticking with the BOHO Maven Box.
This months was really hard to pick, because ALL their boxes are really pretty.
BTW, you can get your first box for a penny if you use Code: COLOR2012
Can't wait for my Julep to ship!!
Buenas noches!

PS. On a side note: What is up with these Doomsday Preppers shows?? Am I the only person who believes that the world is NOT going to end? My husband is watching this right now...LOL. People are just crazy....maybe it's just me. Oh well


Girlie Blogger said...

lol it's okay to paint your nails a lot. The colors look lovely.

moni_♥ said...

heey :) das ist kein hellblau, sondern helllila :)

Liebste Grüße moni_♥
Schmetterlingsparadies ♥

~Hurricane B~ said...

I ordered through your link, so hopefully I get my box soon. It took my CMR, says it shipped. But never know with nail polish. Cross fingers. Cause then you get the credit. I need to log on and look at the choices this month. I like doing the one nail is different look.