Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day OOTD and some yummmm

Happy Mother's Day  to every mom, especially to my mama and my mother in law =)
Did not do much today, lazy sunday. We went to the PX, but that's about it. Weather was ok. I was busy all day looking at houses online, for the hubby and me when we go back to WA. Ugh, it's gonna be so stressfull, I HATE moving. I have all our stuff in storage and I hope Ill find a good house before my husband gets back from iraq. I still don't have a ticket either. I'm looking at tickets every day, the cheapest so far is 1400$! 1400$! holy cow! I hate spending that money on stupid plane tickets, I pray that they will lower the prices a bit. I still have about 8 weeks. And I still didn't even think about when I will take Diego back to WA. I don't know!!!! I hate flying, but evenmore having my dog flown across the globe. 10 hours is a really long time...sometimes I regret that I came back home to Germany for the 12 months deployment....
ahh enough my OOTD:

Dress - BCBG
Silver Satin Pumps - Schuhtempel via ebay
Purse - H&M
Necklace - gifted

Bought that dress when I worked at Macys. So I got it for a pretty good price =D I love BCBG, especially their dresses! I saw this dress and it just sang my name hehe


Well, yesterday I baked a strawberry biscuit roll for my mom. I love baking, but I never made a roll before and I wasn't sure how I'd manage to roll the cake...but it did turn out pretty well, I was yummy. Good job Carla. I rolled it the wrong way, so it was smaller but for the first time, not bad at all. My mom loved it.

Well, fellow bloggers and readers, that's it for today. It's already past midnight and I'm really tired.
Closing this post with a Look of the Moment picure =D This is me relaxing at home wearing my awsome I love Roma Hoodie. I really DO love Roma =) Roma ti amo!


Angie said...

very cute dress and shoes and sequin bag :) you're so pretty!

strawberry roll looks delicious

Lorena said...

That is a lovely assemble... blue looks great on you and that little bag is like a little treasure :)

D's Beauty Corner said...

That dress looks absolutely stunning on you! I love bcbg as well