Friday, June 4, 2010

I heart Summer

This feels like summer, now if this would last, that would be awsome. In Germany you never know, so I'm just enjoying this awsome weather day by day!
Today was so busy at work. I'm surprised I found time to take pics ha =)
Anyway, I wanted to, kinda as a celebration for the 21 followers! Whoohoo. I was so excited when I logged on and I wanna thank each one of my followers for reading my blog and also commenting on posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Here is my OOTD, excuse my messie room, but I'm packing to go back to the states in 28 days! =) I have to mail a couple clothes back because unfortunately there is a weight limit on flights hehe.

Dress by Tally Weijl
Shoes by Graceland
Necklace by New Yorker
Ring by H&M
still my Turquoise Kitty polish by H&M...that nail polish lasts and doesnt chip! Im impressed!

I love those shoes and I'm so happy I bought them. They are sooooo comfy!

Btw, dont u just love VS Body Mist Spray?! I love that stuff. One of my favorite is the coconut craze...yummy! Talking about summer. Coconut means summer for every italian girl, because thats what they sell on the beaches on italy. Ice cold COCONUT!

I better go now, before my battery dies on me =)
Nite nite,


liz said...

Talk about CUTE style!
wow that dress is so precious,
are you excited to come back to

Angie said...

pretty dress on a pretty girl :) i love vs body mist spray!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Love the OOTD! And definately the shoes! You look gorgeous!!

we have is-shoe said...

you look so adorable! and the heels on that shoes! killer..i love coconut too! i actually have the mist spray and the body butter glazed. it does smell fantastic and i agree, it reminds me of summer but in philippines...palms trees sugary white sand.aah! miss that