Thursday, July 8, 2010

Passing time Part 2

Well, how crazy is that, I landed in Seattle and the temperature was about 55 F and today it's 100 F. I LOVE it!! I finally hit the gym today and I feel great, I have a months and half before the cruise to get my body in shapa and tone it a little bit =D
I went to the Shopping Center today and found some cute things at Marshalls! Ohhh I missed Marshalls!! Don't you just love Marshalls?? Here is what I got, all at Marshalls!
I needed some cute flats, they are gold and where only 12 USD!

Shirt with sequin detailing on shoulder for 5 bucks and Shorts for 10 USD

This skirt was about 80% off! I paid 5 bucks for it!!! I got it in black and... and white striped
I think tomorrow I wil buy some new MakeUp that I couldnt find in Germany and some of you Ladies were blogging about it...e.l.f. for example...
Thanks for reading!


Angie said...

cute finds :D !

Nur KissKat said...

I like the top. It's really cute


Dolce♥Bunny said...

you must be excited for your darling to get back! I love the clothes you bought! and such an awesome deal!!!

Jen said...

Sweetie, Marshalls is my FAVE store!! I always walk out of their with so many great finds!

And your hubby is coming home?... YAY!!! How exciting! For how long??

Happy Friday Dear! xo

Carla said...

Jen, he is done with his 12 months tour of duty! Hopefully he ll be home for at least a year :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

E.L.F? what do you think of it? I am kinda stuck on MAC and Aveda.

Carla said...

honestly, I cant find a store that sells e.l.f. here =D
but they opened a sephora at my local mall, which is pretty cool =)