Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally open toe shoe weather :)

Wow, how gorgeous has this weekend in Seattle been? I finally wore summer clothes!! I know it won't last long, but enjoy while we still can :)
Here is my OOTD ( I changed into shorts later)

Top: Nordstrom (love this top!!)
Jeggings: Primark
Sandals: Steve Madden

this has to be one of my favorite summer tops :) 

bought these yesterday at Marshall's They're Steve Madden
Target sells similar ones in Kid's sizes if you fit in Kids sizes. I DO LOL
Target's sell for 19.95 and I went for the Steve Madden ones because 
a) one of my favorite brands
b) they were on sale for 22.00! Score


I happened to walk into Claire's and they had two bottles of the hyped Candy shop.
I snatched one and it's really pretty.
2 coats

This is another Lippmann dupe. I'm ok with dupes, because I don't really want to spend $20.00 on a bottle of polish....My husband would think I lost my mind LOL

This one sells for $5.00 at Claire's and it's really pretty!!!!!
I'm usually not into pinks but this one is really cute!  It glitters in all colors :)

haha. I find this photo extra funny, because my dog Diego a Beagle somehow love Poodles LOL
His best bud at daycare is a Poodle also....haha

Closing this post with an awesome picture of my niece Giulana walking in her moms heels :-D
and she can TOTALLY walk in them, I am not kidding haha
love her!

Nite nite


Lorena said...

This is a pretty top - i like the colors :)
AND that nail polish is wonderful - i could be tempted... but i have too many nail lacquers.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Hey beautiful!!

LOVE the shoes and I have one more year till I can shop at wonderful stores like Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx to get my discounted name brand products. My friends lives in Seattle and was raving about the weather too.

I would get some slack from my husband on spending twenty on my nails too. Do you follow Chloe? I think it is Chloe's Nails for the blog name, its is in my followed list. SHE has over 1,000 bottles of polish and has fantastic ideas, my husband starts on my polish or shoe collection...I just refer him to look at certain blogs I follow.

Sometimes it helps to divert. =)

Anyways Happy Tuesday!!!

Lorena said...

Just stopping by to say hi :) hope you are ok.

Rudy53420 said...
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