Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cult Nails.

Sunday, blah!
This weekend went by wayyy to fast. I feel like I need a vacation, work has been super busy for me. Somehow I always end up doing other peoples job or fix their screw up...oh well.
Needless to say, I miss the German work ethics. EVERYTHING is done according to the RULES. I feel like at a lot of places here, people can just do whatever they want and rules don't apply to every one. Frustrating....But enough complaining. My weekend was okay. Mu husband has been in Afghanistan for almost 1 month and last week they already lost a soldier....crazy. I am even more worried now.... Thankfully I have some deployment buddies :)
On Friday I got some nail mail. I placed my very first order from Cult Nails. She had 2 $5.00 sale, so I bought to of her polishes. If you have not heard about her, you MUST check out her website. . She is great.
All of her polishes are HAND ROLLED into a special burrito :)
Like this:

and here is what was inside those little burritos: Captivated & Manipulative

First I swatched Manipulative, which is blue-ish, minty green. Absolutely lovely! Mint is one of my favorite nail colors!

Captivated is a jelly, glittery, reddish orange :-D It is more orange than in the pictures. I literally just painted my nails and it was too dark to take pics without flash.

But let me tell you, this color is STUNNING!!!

You likey? I have some more indie nail polish coming (Whimsical ideas by pam) I cannot wait to get my hands on these franken babies =D

Hope you had a great weekend.
Nite, nite


RaeRae said...
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RaeRae said...

I really like Captivated! It looks gorgeous on you! I should have taken advantage of the sale! Sadly I am a broke college student right now, lol!

A + G + N said...

How i long for one of those little burritos.... The minty blue looks great on you :)

Lorena said...

Talk about work ethic!
If you think its bad in the US, you would go insane in Central America where i live.... its unbearable !!!!

Catamiaou said...

"Captivated" is gorgeous!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Well to try another brand of polish. I hope she ships to APO. Sorry to hear about your husbands unit loosing someone. Each loss hurts and strengthens the bond of the men and women. Hang in there and glad you made some friends to keep you occupied. Hugs