Monday, April 16, 2012

Whimsical ideas by Pam....I'm in love! ♥

I'm on a indie nail polish trip. After ordering and falling in love with Cult Nails, I've placed an order with Pam @ Whimsical Ideas by Pam. I follow a lot of nail blogs on FB and I saw one of here polishes and i HAD TO HAVE IT!
I received my "whimsies" in the mail today. I have been tracking them all last week and I couldn't wait to come home :-) I gosh...I'm obsessed.

How adorable are the bottles?? These have to be the cutest nail polish bottles EVER.
They're perfect. The bow is cute and the label is unique as well :)

This is "Seuss". This was the first polish I spotted on somebody's blog and I had to have it.

drool! :) Look at this goodness. I CANNOT wait to try it.

"I believe in Fairies"

a nice glittery purple with stars :)

I have not swatched them yet, I just did my nails last night and I didn't want to "waste" my cult nail mani haha. But maybe tomorrow! I am without tv until wednesday, so that gives me a lot of time to do some damage ;-) Why am I without TV, well I cancelled Directv. Their prices are ridiculously expensive and since I really don't watch a lot of tv (besides sunday; Desperate housewives, the Good Wife, The Big C and Drop Dead Diva) it makes absolutely no sense to pay that much. Luckily with my husbands orders we were able to get out of the contract w/o paying any fees. We'll switch back to comcast. I liked them better anyway ;-)
BUT if you like what you're seeing Pam is still taking orders. Just add her on FB Whimsical Ideas by Pam
She takes orders by email. I will be ordering PB&J, Kismet's Pajamas and maybe all of them soon LOL

Well, I hope you all had a somewhat good Monday and will have an even better week.



Elii said...

ooooo, those nailpolishes are so adorable!! hmm, i think i might have to order a few also! :)

Ti said...

I love that color :) Your nailpolishes are awesome ♥