Monday, April 16, 2012

Gotta love H&M

Hey lovelies,

finally a clothing post :) The reason why I have not bought any new clothes lately is simple:
a) I hate the weather change between spring and summer....I never know what to wear. Seattle spring sucks mostly ( so did the spring in Germany) Therefore, I do not feel like buying summer clothes!
b) I need to go through my closet and donate a few things :-D No more room.
But, I have the H&M app and I check out their clothes every once in a while. I always love their conscious collection. I have bought two shirts. They were both about $12.00 each.

How lovely is this big bow?

 I also went to F21, but I cannot stand shopping there! It's overwhelming!!! The mall here claims to have toe biggest Forever 21 in WA. No shhhhh!! It's huge. I can't deal with it!! I can do accessories...that's about it LOL

My adorable Diego! He is such a spoiled little stinker. He NORMALLY sleeps in his bed, but since my husband is gone he has been sleeping in bed with me LOL I know he probably shouldn't, but I just feel safer like that. Also, he has no problems sleeping in his bed when asked, so I guess it's ok =)

Stay tuned for my whimsical nail post ;-)


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~Hurricane B~ said...

You are small enough to pull off that adorable bow top. I am too top heavy to get away with them. Which sucks, cause I really like them. But that lace one? I want!!!