Thursday, December 15, 2011

PHD-Polish Hording Disorder...

This weekend at the mall, browsing for new nail polish colors at Sephora, my husband asked me if I didn't have enough nail polish already :-D NOOOOO I don't! What a freak....tzz, can't believe he would ask me such a question. That is like asking if I have enough shoes or clothes. I guess Men will never understand :)
Long story short, here are the newest additions to my nail polish collections :)

Revlon Blue Mosaic
 3 coats

OPI-Iris I was thinner
 2 coats (this is my new favorite) so pretty!

Recently, I ordered a dress off ebay. I thought it was cute and a great dress for new years. It was only 8 Dollars with shipping, so I thought, hmm why not!
I gotta admit, it is a little short. But I'm thinking with black tights should be doable. What do you think?

Well Ladies, off to bed I go. Tomorrow is friday!! Finally!
Nite nite:

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Girlie Blogger said...

The dress is fantastic. You are totally rocking that hot shoulder thing.

Hey, I had no idea you live in Seattle. Very awesome to find fellow Seattle bloggers.