Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping in Europe

Hey everybody,

I am finally back in Germany visiting my family for Christmas. I have not been home in a year and a half! I missed it sooo much. My family, my niece (20 months old now), my dog, the food, shopping :-)
Unfortunately, time is almost up. We will be leaving on the 2nd :-( Husband and I both have to be back at work! noooooooo I wanna stay here :(
Anyway, I went a little crazy with my shopping here :) I've missed all the stores so much!
Here are some of my purchases:

 I was especially happy about the Primark near to my hometown. I've heard or read a lot about Primark on blogger and I couldn't wait to shop there! It was soooo crowded, but so good :) Also my usual stop at Tally Weijl :)

 Nice :)

 These Booties ended up being 8 Euros (approx 10USD)
no name

Wedge boots 
Primark 18 Euros (23 USD)

Cream Purse
Primark 5 Euros ( 6.50USD)

White Purse
Tally Weijl 9 Euros ( 12 USD)

Magnetic nail polish
I've seen this type at Sephoras but I didn't want to spend all that money. 
This one is a nice dupe by Essence. I paid 1.65 Euros per color. The magnet was about 1 euro

Miracle Shine and Hex Hex

Hey it works!! It took me forever and I had to restart a bunch of times to get a good result. You have to be really quick with the magnet. I did one nail at a time.

Lace shirt
Primark: 15 Euros

back view. sooo nice

Primark 13 Euros

Primark 9 Dollars after Sale
The color is a bit darker than on photo. Looks kinda blah on the hanger but it is really nice when put on!

Cream colored scarf 
Primark 4 Euros

brown fake leather sneakers
Primark 7 Euros

Primark 2-3 Euros each

Nail polish
Blue my mind by H&M!! (3Euros)
OMG this color is DIVINE!!!
I've never seen nail polish at the H&Ms in WA. Is it just me or do they not sell nail polish there??
The German H&Ms are full with cosmetics

 I have bought some more nail polish and some pants, but I will take a picture once I actually wear them.
I am about to do my nails right this minute :)
Nite Ladies,


Girlie Blogger said...

Nice stuff! I'd totally go crazy in Europe too.

Love your leggings btw. The polka dots are cute.

Catamiaou said...

I totally understand u_u my holiday is almost over and I don't want to leave my hometown T__T. I definitely love your boots

Lorena said...

I loved your buys !
It seems you were in shopper heaven...

~Hurricane B~ said...

I adore Primark. For some reason I thought it was just a UK store....I am going to try to find one near me in Belgium now.

Carla said...

I think they have about 6-7 stores in Germany. One just opened in Saarbruecken (close to where I am from)
I think there is one in Liege.