Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick, but not too sick for a NOTD

Hey fellow bloggers,

I am back from Germany boo ooh :( We finally landed in Seattle on Tuesday 10pm after being stuck in North Carolina for a day. My DH and I had to be back at work on Tuesday, but that didn't work out so well. LOL.
And now I caught a cold too!1 I feel like poo. I drank about 10 cups of tea at work, I have a terrible dry cough and I almost coughed out my lung at work LOL I hope I will at least get rid of the cough by tomorrow. I must be super annoying to my co-workers.
Either way, I have been too busy to get depressed about being back in the States. Usually, I am super depressed when I leave my family, but I have been caught up in work and I guess that's ok.
I still need to swatch some nail polishes that I bought in Germany.
Here is one of them: ESSENCE IN STYLE. I topped it with ESSIE MATTE OVER YOU.

no flash

I love the color. Really pretty. I have got to say, ESSENCE came a long way ever since I moved to the US (4 years) I never used to buy their cosmetics, but i gotta say, I am impressed by their selection and quality. For those who don't know ESSENCE, I think its is kind of like Wet and Wild, just a little bit more selection, but price wise the same. I think I will keep up with the colors on their website and ask my sister to mail me some more polish :D I paid 1.25 Euros for the polish, that is less than 2 bucks. Not bad :D

Well, I can feel the tiredness creeping up on me. Jet Lag, 9 hour time difference :(
Closing this post with a picture of my two loves :) Aren't they darling?????? Excuse my husbands Steelers hat...ewwwwwwww ;)
Buenas Noches, 


Girlie Blogger said...

Cute polish. Love the vampy look.

Awww. The boy and the puppy look so comfy together.

Lorena said...

Hope you feel better soon - coughing out you lung does not sound good !

♥Bunny♥ said...

Really hope you get better soon!
The nail polish is really pretty! Matte as got to be one of my favorite kind of nail polish!

awwwww,,,, cute doggie <3

A Pretty Dream said...

der nagellack ist echt toll :)

LG ♥

~Hurricane B~ said...

jet Lag does suck. I will forgive his Steelers hat...especially since I am a Broncos fan and we won tonight. =) So excited to see posts from for me to get back at.