Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gotta love Seattle

I think this picture says it all :) Shot this morning. Cold but clear blue sky. I love this city! Seattle is always so green and blue. This is probably why I love the color blue :)
This is what I wore today at work. Casual blue :)
 Top: Primark
Jeans: Tally Weijl (I love their Jeans, somehow these are the only ones that fit me perfectly)
Shoes: Jumex

Isn't that shirt cute? Primark will be my new favorite store in Germany, after Tally Weijl of course ;)

Got these shoes in Germany as well. The store was closing and had everything on sale and on top of that:
50% on your entire purchase, I ended up paying 8 Euros LOL

Scarf: Primark
I am still a little sick :( sniff

It has been really cold in Seattle lately, they are saying we should be getting snow soon. I am skeptic and I LOOOVE winter but I don't need any snow here. Commute is crazy with snow. I am ready for summer :) Well maybe not, I have had my share of summer this winter, after being in Puerto Rico in ♥ (looooove) in November. 
I wish we could go back at least once a month LOL

Us in Puerto Rico

Sigh! Enough dreaming. Time to get ready to go to bed. Thank god tomorrow is Friday :)

Hasta Luego, 

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Girlie Blogger said...

Such a cute shirt. Nice matching with the scarf.

I totally know what you are talking about - today's sunrise and sunset were just out of this world. And did you see how Rainier stood out in the back? Can't beat the natural beauty here.