Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy day in Seattle

We finally got some snow here in Seattle. And we got dumped on GOOD. Did not make it to work today. I am crazy for even trying to get to work. (on a normal day my commute is almost 1 hour) It probably would have taken me 3 hours. 
So I was basically lazy all day, enjoyed some quality time with my dog, who absolutely loves dog. I actually took him down to the beach LOL. It was a great opportunity to let him have fun off leash with no one else around.
Here are pictures of today early morning

View from  my front door around 6 am :)

Diego loving the snow

Down the street that is actually the Puget Sound, but you can't tell because it's all a grey mess

He definitely loves it...

what a dork, he was chasing snow balls 

And now I will keep calm and drink some tea :)


Girlie Blogger said...

Awwww. Puppy is so cute. Looks like he enjoyed the snow more than you did :O)

Stay warm!

Moo said...

Wow looks great!
In Germanys its very rainy.. :(

moni_♥ said...

dankeschööön, ich liebe die schuhe auch :)
jaaa liquid liner ist echt toll :) loreal wird an tieren getestet? :-O
dieses "sephra" hab ich in letzter zeit öfter gehört aber ich kenn das leider nicht. vlt hast du immer "falsche" augentücher benutzt? :-S

Liebste Grüße moni_♥
Schmetterlingsparadies ♥

Jennifer said...

Freut mich das er dir gefällt <3<3