Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Better OOTD

Hey Ladies, 

I am finally feeling A LOT better. My ear infection is almost gone and I finally got some much needed sleep last night without waking up coughing all the time. YES. 
Here is an outfit of the day. I have so many clothes, and I don't even know when to wear them or remember that I even have them. I have 2 closets, so sometimes I just forget that I even have certain pieces. What a shame :D
My OOTD, I have not worn this skirt since summer 2010, thinking I could only wear it in the summer. I was wrong! Lovely with boots :)
Shirt: C&A
Skirt: Burlington
Belt: C&A
Tights: H&M
Boots: Aldo

 I need a new mirror, this one is too small :D And I am only 5'2

Ring: F 21
Polish: OPI "Iris I was thinner"

Nowadays, I am taking most of my pictures with my iPhone. However, I have recently asked my hubby for the Canon Rebel Cam :-D Hoping for it on V-Day. We will see if he remembers, I just keep posting pics of it on his Facebook lol. You know men, you can give them so many hints about what you REALLY want, but they still have no clue :-/ 
Time for bed. This time I am closing this post with a picture of me and my love Diego :)

 Buenas Noches, 


Girlie Blogger said...

The rebel is awesome. I want one too but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive.


moni_♥ said...

jaaaa! :( desperate housewives soll weiter laufen!!! :( das geht doch gar nicht klar :-/
mal schauen, vlt fahr ich bald wieder rüber ins ami land, dann werd ich mir auch ordenltich schminke kaufen :D und den anderen krams werd ich mir acuh mal anschauen :)
matten lidschatten hab ich auch noch nie benutzt.. auch noch nie gesehen O.o

Liebste Grüße moni_♥
Schmetterlingsparadies ♥

Magna said...

Great skirt, love it.
Great blog to, check mine if you like


xx Magna

C▲RO said...

aaaaaw du hast ja auch nen Beagle!!:) der auf meinen Fotos ist leider nicht mir, aber ich passe ab und zu auf ihn auf und am Sa kommt er auch wieder:))