Friday, January 3, 2014

Hit polish (take two)

I wrote this awesome blog post while my baby was sleeping and I forgot to save it LOL now I can retype it and hope he won't wake up. I don't even have time to pee anymore haha He has the case of the colic and it's the worse from 9pm-1am. I'm so tired. On top of that he's going through his first leap! He's feeding all the time. I feel like a milk cow. I wish my husband could produce milk as well hahaha 
Anyway, I had time to swatch all my newest hit polish'. I'm sad she's closing her store. I loved how she always came up with new and great glitters! 

"Nothing Toulouse" on top of OPI Sephora Iris I was thinner

"Funtastic" over Sinful Colors Black on Black

"Blue Christmas" over OPI no time for the blues

Better click post before I forget haha

So long! 


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