Monday, April 27, 2009

First blog -Ode to my 2nd love

I have been thinking about starting blogging again for quite some time now and last night I decided that today will be the day of my first blog after nearly 5 years bloggless.
I am not going to dedicate my blog to just one subject. I can't because I have something to say about almost everything. Since english is not my first language sometimes it's easier to write than to explain it in words ;)
Well...let's see if I can surprise myself and come up with some good posts ;)

Today I will tell you a little bit about the second love of my life. My beagle boy Diego(not named after go diego go lol) :)
He is the smartest little thing and everybody who had the pleasure to meet him will agree with me.
He is just as smart as his mommy ;)
Diego is not only the cutest Beagle ever but he is the sunshine of my everyday. Makes me laugh and impresses me every day.
There is this one thing about him that I find really amusing. He loooooves bones, but he won't eat them right away. He will hide them first and let me tell you he knows how to hide them good ;) I have found numerous bones in my laundry, in my couch, in my bedsheets, under the pillows, in our boots, in my husbands army rucksack, in my purse -yes in my purse-, one bone made it all the way from Seattle to Frankfurt/Germany in my suitcase lol. Yes my dog is a character. How would I have explained that to the officers in case they would have opened my suitcase at the airport...MY DOG PUT IT IN THERE....I SWEAR...yeah right :D
He loves good smelling things like GAIN. He will pick up a gain dryer sheet very gently and plaaace it on the floor and then starts rolling around on it like there is no tomorrow.
After this session he smells like fresh and clean laundry...who doesn't love that? :)

Other than that he is a pretty normal dog :)
I'm so grateful for having that little "Stinker" in my life. He makes my everyday and every night when he cuddles up to me.
I can not imagine living without a dog. There are so many things that make them perfect. Well, they only have one fault really...that they don't get to live that long...
A dog will love you more than he loves himself, he will be there for you whenever you need him, listen to you whenever nobody will listen, wait for you at home and everytime you come back home he will jump up with joy and would tell you how much he missed you while you were gone for 5 minutes lol.

I would suggest....(if your situation allows it) get a dog...go to your shelter and get a dog already.



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