Friday, March 9, 2012


Sorry for being MIA this whole week. I had to get a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done today and I've been dreading it the whole time. I had so much anxiety this whole week that I couldn't even function properly. I shouldn't have googled the procedure and what people said about it. I've expected the worse.
I got it done at the army hospital in Ft. Lewis. My hubby came with me. We were early and a female soldier was ahead of me. Oh my gosh, she scared the SHHHH out of me. She was in the X-ray room and I heard her cry. I was freaked out. When she came out she looked like a mess. He husband had to hold her and she looked like she just gave birth....I must admit I almost fainted :-/ Then they called me in, explained the whole procedure...Oh my gosh I was scared for nothing. Ok not really NOTHING, it was uncomfortable, but bearable. Really really crampy but it was over quick. I'm so relieved. We had the images right away and I am glad I will hopefully never ever have to do this again.
Since I still feel a little tired from my lack of sleep this whole week, I will only post some little things I bought. I also bought some STEVE MADDEN Booties for 75% off. Will post a photo tomorrow! What a deal.
bought China Glaze Luxe & Lush at Sally Beauty Supply (who knew they had a military discount??))
Sally Hansen HD in Laser was 75% off at Rite Aid. I paid 1 dollar =D Mostly all of their polish was 75% off!!!

P2 in Poetic
H&M Blue My mind (my favorite blue!)

and a coat of of Luxe & Lush (this is from the new Hunger Games collection)

and voila!!! Last weekend was my lucky weekend. I found Whimsical!! yay finally!

I absolutely love it!!!

1 coat over Nubar Faded Jeans
Have you bought anything nice?? Stay tuned for my Steve Madden shoes :-)

Happy Friday!
♥ Carla


C▲RO said...

das letzte sieht schön aus, ich mag die Farbe so gern!

Nail Designs xox said...

Absolutely beautiful colors you have! I love them all!

Also, I never knew Sally Beauty had a military discount lol...

RaeRae said...

Yay for Whimsical! Where did you end up finding it at? On base? Or at a drugstore?

Lorena said...

That China Glaze glittery polish is perfect.
AND NO, I have not bought anything - this month -
I hope it stays that way-

A + G + N said...

Congrats on Whimsical! I have and love most of these too ;)