Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sinful colors holidays 2013 and crystal crushes collection


Last week I've received a wonderful Christmas package from my father in law and his wife. As always she sent me some nail polish; she knows me well :-D

I cannot get Sinful Colors in Germany, well, I could on base but the selection is crap.
The first color I tried is the gorgeous green one from the crystal crushes collection " emerald envy"

This is 2 coats. Have I mentioned how much I love texture polish. It dries super fast, no top coat. Slap it on and done!! :-D this would be a great Christmas color.

Next up we have "decadent" from their holidays 2013 collection over 2 coats of "aubergine"

Perfect shade of red!! Love it. 

I have some more nail polish coming in the mail. I have 4 packages waiting at the post office :-D it feels a lot like Christmas!!! Oh wait.... Haha

My blogging time is limited now with a newborn!

I will leave this here:
So long,

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Lorena said...

Awwwww a baby AND nail polish= indeed Christmas.
I love the red one and your little one is sooo cute.
Does Diego take care of the baby ?