Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My happily ever after. Finally a mom after all

Hey everybody!
A new chapter in my life has finally begun:
On a cold Wedsneday night, November 27th at 10:19 pm I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. I'm finally a mom, something I have wanted for so long now. All my dreams have come true and I don't need anything anymore to make my life complete :-) Motherhood is more than I have ever expected. When I look at him I am so in love. This made me think of all wonderful women I've met through my infertility struggles. I hope that one day they will be able to feel the same. There eventually is an end to the infertility road, and what we've fought for so hard is so worth it. 
My last bump pic the day I gave birth at 39w2d

Birth Story:
When I found out my due date of December 2nd I said to my husband: " I bet I will give birth to him the day before thanksgiving!!" The reason I said this was because last year my husband came home from Afghanistan the day before thanksgiving. So it's a special day. My son thought so too! 
It all started around 7pm on the 26th, I felt odd and I had lower back pain. This was new pain. I've never had lower back pain in my entire pregnancy! I times my contractions and they were 30 min apart. I tried to get done sleep that night but I was too excited, scared, nervous etc. I finally fell asleep for 30 min when suddenly Diego jumped on the bed in between my pregnancy pillow and me. I thought he wanted to snuggle when I felt something drip on me. He moved away ft me to the end of the bed, I turned on the light thinking he felt sick, but there he was. He had just peed on me and on the bed!!!!!!!! I've had Diego for 6 years and he has never done this in his life. Now I was certain I was giving birth today. My contractions were now 8-10 min apart. I called my husband at 4 am and told him to come. He was 4 hours away. 
I didn't sleep anymore. Around 11 am my friend came to visit and she was certain it was false labor because I was so calm. (She's the same friend who told me I was huge and my face was fat LOL) My mom told her that she's sure it's real labor, some people just deal differently with pain. BAM! At around noon my mom convinced me to go to the hospital since I wanted to have a water birth. I got to the hospital and the same midwife that delivered me was there haha. I was having real contractions 5 min apart, I was 2 cm but his head was still very high and positioned weirdly. My midwife was worried and for his and my safety adviced against a water birth. But to avoid a c-section (which would only be done if absolutely necessary) she told us to go walk for a bit and come back later. We did! My mom, husband and I walked for 5 hours LOL my contractions were getting very strong and about 2 min apart! At 5 pm I went back to my midwife, my contractions were very strong and my back was killing me, I was still only 2 cm!! :-( my midwife suggested I try to rest so I can save up all my energy for when I need to push. She thought I'd probably be in labor for another 12 hours or so. Her shift was over and another midwife took her place. To my delight my friend mom was the midwife. I was relieved because I knew she was great. I was always worried I'd be stuck with some impatient midwife LOL 
We checked into the "labor room" which had a big bed, pillows, bath tub, pregnancy ball etc. They brought me food but I couldn't really eat. I was in pain. My husband was resting haha. From 5-8 my contractions were about 1 minute apart. At around 8:30 I called my midwife to check on me. When she did I was 4 cm and his head had dropped a little. My doctor joined the party and checked as well, he estimated about 6 more hours and we'd have a baby. I told my mom and husband that there is no way I can last another 6 hours. I putt pants back on and voila my water broke. From there it went so fast. I told my mom and husband I have to go to the restroom, I was in so much pain. Mind you I did not get an epidural! This was a "natural" birth LOL My back felt like it was being crushed by a semi truck and each muscle in my back was being ripped out. I couldn't concentrate on anything else. It hurt so bad. I wanted to cry but no tears came out. Thank god for me mom, husband, and midwife who stayed really calm and gave me their entire support. Couldn't have had a better birth team. 
When women say labor feels like really bad diarrhea pains, they're not lying LOL. A contractions hit me while I was standing up and OMG did that one hurt, I told my mom that I think I have to go to the bathroom really bad, maybe I already did in my pants. She told me to stay calm because it means the baby comes! I didn't go in my pants, I made my mom check LOL it had only been 30 minutes since my midwife checked me and at 9 pm when she checked me again I was 8 cm!! I went from 4-8 cm in 30 min! Hallelujah. I was relieved because the pain was so horrible. My midwife was very calm and talking to me, she was coaching my breathing. I squeezed my husbands hand and my mom was touching my head to keep me calm. She called the doctor and when he came at around 9:30 I was already at 10 cm! He laughed and couldn't belive it went so fast. My midwife asked if I felt pressure but honestly my back pain overshadowed every other sensation in my body. She told me I could practice push with the next contraction. I don't remember how long I pushed, but I remember the pain didn't feel as intense as getting to 10 cm. When his head was visible the doctor told us he had to much dark hair. He asked my husband to come look and to my surprise he did! Haha. He was always very scared and originally didn't want to be in the delivery room. I pushed a few more times and the pressure was immense. Turns out my boy had a big head plus I am very small. I begged my doctor not to cut me! He listened lol phew. And then there he was. I can't even describe the feeling, I felt like I was high. I was so tired, but all the pain was gone. My husband cut the cord and they placed my baby on my chest. He immediately opened his eyes and looked at me. I couldn't belive I was finally holding him. My life was complete, I cried. He was perfect and more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Everyone was so happy. My husband was so proud. 
Now my baby is already 1 week old. Everything is going great. He's nursing like a champ. :-) couldn't ask for anything else for Christmas. 


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Melina Millan said...

One word amazed. Every time I look at your pictures and I read your story I’m amazed of God’s way of working. You are truly blessed.