Monday, November 25, 2013

39 weeks pregnant with my baby boy

How far along?  39 weeks!  I secretly hope he stays in until at least Sunday because I really want a December baby πŸ˜‚ I just had my 39 week check up, he's healthy and very comfy in there. He weighs a little over 7 lbs. To my surprise I'm 1-2 cm dilated. 
Total weight gain? I've gained about 27lbs total. Not bad I guess. 

Maternity clothes: I mostly wear leggings or sweats haha. I have not invested in a maternity winter coat. I kinda regret it now, it's getting really cold when I walk Diego. But not much longer and I can button my coat again. 

Stretch marks: Yeah...those fockers popped up at 38 weeks on the dot 😭 no lie, I've been really upset about them but honestly nobody but me can even tell! They're around my belly button, some on my side but they came in already skin colored and not like I would usually imagine stretch marks. You can't even see them on pictures. I've decided to stop obsessing over them. 

 They kinda look like blood vessels above what used to be my belly button LOL half as bad as I made it out to be...
For the record: I've been using following stuff since I was 6 weeks pregnant: vitamin e oil, palmers stretch mark cream, mama bee belly butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter, massage oil with olive oil, all kind of scrubs! Before people blame the genes: neither my mom nor my sister have stretch marks. So I could have my dad's genes LOL 
I think I've gained a normal amount of weight. But I'm all belly so that's probably why :-) oh well. 
Sleep: hard time falling asleep

Best moment this week: Making it to 39 weeks. Somehow everyone thought I'd have him early ha!
Miss anything? My husband during the week when he's gone. He will be here for 5 days straight starting Wednesday. That would be perfect timing for my son to make an appearance. 

Movement: he still moves a lot. Not as much as before but yep he's still stretching. :-)

Food cravings: nope, didn't have any crazy cravings this entire pregnancy. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not anymore! I dealt with MS until I was about 32-34 weeks. Glad it's gone lol

Gender:  BOY!

Labour signs: not a single one. I can't even tell of I'm having BH or not. I've never felt them besides my belly getting hard. 

heart burn is my worst symptom so far. 
Hands and feet are a bit swollen.
Pressure down below especially when laying down and trying to move. 
Other than that: feeling great.  

Belly button in or out? Completely flat. Lol

Wedding rings on or off? They've been off for a while 😭 miss them 

Happy or moody most of the time: Content. 

Looking forward to: meeting my baby!!! We've waited for so long 😁

Xoxo, Carla

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Melina Millan said...

You look amazingly beautiful. I hope to be this preggo some day soon lol. Can't wait to see pics of your baby boy ♥