Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas came early.

Today we've decided to decorate. Not my house, but my sisters/parents. Since I'm having the baby in my home town and not where we actually live I saw no point in decorating our house since we won't even be there during the holidays. I've actually stayed at my parents house since about 4 weeks because it's closer to the hospital. 
Anyway, we've decorated today. I gave my sister all my ornaments since I won't be using any. 
She really wanted a white Christmas tree. I'm more a fan of real trees :-) I love the smell. But I think it turned out really well despite the tree being artificial.  The colors go very well with the white tree. So frosty :-)

Diego modeling, he looks so stoked. 

Christmas isn't for a while but since my due date is approaching I might as well get things done now. 
On top of that I've been feeling down and depressed all day today. Could be because something came up that may ruin out Christmas plans, could be because at 39 weeks pregnant I'm getting a tiny bit impatient now, the anticipation is killing me. I wish I knew when labor starts for me. 
I feel hideous and huge :-/ I think my belly doesn't want to stretch anymore. I'm getting stretch marks but you can't actually see them because for some reason they already faded and are pretty much the color of my skin. 
Then again, I've never over analyzed my body as much as I did during pregnancy. Could they've always been there? Maybe?!? I'm so looking forward to finally meet my son, not so looking forward to see my post pregnancy belly :-/ 

So, I'm just not feeling good today. Pregnancy hormones are at a peak and tums are my best friends!!! :-D

Nite, nite from me and D. 

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