Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nail spam!

Since I got pregnant I have really neglected my nail polish obsession.
Morning sickness was horrible, then we moved and all of my nail polish had to be packed up and shipped across the ocean. Now that I got my nail polish back I am ready to pop haha.
Therefore, I thought I'd share my favorites here. Enjoy the flood :)

Hit Polish "Irisation" over a grey from essence (can't remember the name)

Lush Lacquer "Bubble yummy" gorg!!!

Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" topped with an OPI Glitter

OPI "Metallic for life"

Lush Lacquer "Party Rockin" over a navy blue by Julep

Sephora by OPI "Iris I was thinner" topped with hit polish (can't remember the name)

Revlon "Blue Mosaic"

Hit Polish "Irisation" over black

Hit polish "Peacock plumage" over OPI Russian Navy, mattified

Sally Hansen "Coral Reef" topped with Hit Polish "Light Show"

Finger Paint "Watermelon" China Glaze "It's a trapeze"

I have no idea anymore LOL

OPI "Stay the night" 
OPI "The impossible"

OPI "Stay the night"

Hit polish "Turquoise delight"

Hit Polish "Underwater adventure"

Hit Polish "Instant crush"

Sinful Colors (don't remember the name )

Don't remember the blue, but the glitter is Island Girl

Essie "Shine of times" over white

Essie "Shine of times" over black

Essie "Shine of times" over black

Sally Hansen "Grey cement" Essence "Purplicious"

For the indie polishes you can check out their etsy stores: Hit Polish and Lush Lacquer ( who now goes by PolishMeSilly)




Lorena said...

Wow you have some really good shots here.
I personally love Stay the Night from OPI.
I am actually wearing the sand effect polishes... have you tried them ?

Carla said...

I love the sand effects!! They dry really quickly, I've been using them a lot during pregnancy when I don't have time to wait for my nails :-) I have more shots but they're on my husbands macbook