Thursday, March 25, 2010

Superhero Boots =D

Hey there,

Since I've seen Kim Kardashian wear Over the knee boots and looking super cute in them I wondered if I could ever pull them off.Since fall 09 I've been looking EVERYWHERE for boots that don't say "Hooker" lol. So I finally found these flat over the knee boots and I LOVE them. They look really cute paired with Jeans and don't scream "Hooker" wearing a skirt either =D More like Superhero boots, sounds better than "Hooker".
I think if you wear them right you can pull them off. I don't think the over the knee boots trend is for everyone BUT if your a true fashionista and have a strong personal style...Why not?
So Hooker or not, I dont care. I LOVE my new boots =)

Coming to my OOTD. Spring is finally coming to Germany! Yay! So I got this cute little belted, high waisted skirt. Bought it at New Yorkers. I normally don't buy at NY's because I don't really like their stuff too much plus most of the times their small sizes are too big on me since I am really petite. BUT I laid my eyes on this cute skirt. They had in in purple too, but somehow 34 was too big on me (weird because this skirt I bought is 34 as well)
I like =)



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