Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 Day Spring

The sun is shining in Germany, eventho a big ash cloud is hanging over Europe, the weather is actually very nice today! I was laying in the sun all day today, we even bbq'ed. Yummy, I love German BBQ!
I'm really exited , yesterday Mehrzad Marashi won DSDS (German Idol). I'm excited because I LOOOVE LOVE his voice, I get goosebumps everytime that guy sings. I hope he will be more succesfull than the previous winners lol. Other than that, Giuliana is keeping us busy, not because she needs attention but because we can't stop looking at her and just go awwwww at how beautiful that little baby is =)
My 3 year anniversary is coming up and like every year, my husband is gone on that day, thank you army! I miss him, can't wait till this deployment is over =(
Coming to my OOTD, spring yeah!! But the forcast says it won't last long =( It's gonna rain again tomorrow. Bummer. Could get used to it.
Excuse my hair, just had it cut and it wont stay the way I want it, yet. Or maybe because I layed outside?? I don't know haha
Dress by Macy's
Shoes by American Eagle ( I LOVE these shoes)
Tiffany Key Pendant

Oh before I forget, did I mention how much I love my husband? Well, I love him so much, he's in iraq right now (thats his second tour actually) and he spend more time in iraq than being with me LOL. However, he still knows how to make me happy and I'm happy when I know he thinks of me =) I got those beautiful flowers couple days ago. When I asked him why, he said no reason just to show me he misses me =) How cute! Oh and he sent flowers to Giuliana Luna as well =) My husband is the best!



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Taylor said...

Your haircut is WAY cute! Also loving the sandals - the little bow is darling. Your husband is sweet, indeed - gorgeous flowers!